Yes, Those Bizarre Pauly Shore Pinocchio Videos Are Real

On March 22, an animated film titled Pinocchio: A True Story was released in the United States. Originally a Russian film, the American version features voice actors like Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants, Mr. Show) as Geppetto, Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) as the talking horse Tibalt, and Pauly Shore (Encino Man , Class Act) as Pinocchio. Recently, videos of the film have appeared on Twitter, and while they look amazing, they are actually real.

The 2022 film follows the titular wooden boy as his father creates him and brings him to life. From there, Pinocchio flees to join the circus, where he learns that a cat and a fox are robbing houses and Pinocchio becomes the prime suspect. He also falls in love with someone else in the circus. A trailer for the movie was released in January, and even for a kids’ movie, it’s incredibly forgettable.

However, maybe we shouldn’t all be sleeping on this movie? The clips are posted on Twitter, so far, and incredibly wild. So naturally we had to buy it to find out how much of that ridiculous content is in the actual movie. Yes, I now own a copy of Pinocchio: A True Story.

Pinocchio gets shot

Saberspark posted this brief clip featuring a cat shooting Pinocchio at his presumed death. Due to the quality of the animation, there’s no way it’s real, is there?

It’s true. It happens 15 minutes and 40 seconds into the film. Obviously, Pinocchio doesn’t die, but the character alternates between a British and American accent because Pauly Shore is a national treasure and can do whatever he wants.


Bradley Smith, meme lover and videographer, posted another video from the film. In the clip, Pinocchio hugs his father and runs away, shouting, “Let’s go, Tibalt! Great adventures await us! Ske-do, ske-do, ske-do, ske-do, ske-do , LAK-GAH!”

It’s true. This happens 19 minutes and 46 seconds into the film. The line “great adventures await” is actually in the trailer, but the repeated over and over “ske-do” sounded like someone had superimposed their voice over it. It’s amazing that it’s in the movie.

While these are the only two moments Twitter has captured so far, there are plenty of other eerie moments to come, like Pinocchio spying on a woman inside a trailer as she sings a song during that he and a talking horse are talking about “wooing” her real loud, just outside, or Heder making “horsie” noises before kicking sheriffs in a tree – someone has to do that a compilation.

Pinocchio: A True Story is available now on various digital retailers.

John C. Dent