Writing Jobs: Join the GameRevolution team and write about video games

GameRevolution is looking for passionate and talented writers to join our team. We’re growing significantly in 2022 after a hugely successful 2021, and after our Editor-in-Chief also took over our sister site PlayStation LifeStyle, we’re joining forces to enable editors to work seamlessly across our two sites. So if you’re a writer who thinks you can make an impact on GameRevolution and/or PlayStation LifeStyle, we’d love for you to join our team.

Why join GameRevolution/PlayStation LifeStyle?

  • Opportunities. Every member of GameRevolution’s editorial team first started out as a writer here. We recognize talent and reward it, so we always look to promote internally.
  • Flexibility. A pleasant work environment is a productive environment. Over the past year, we’ve made several key changes to ensure our writers enjoy working here, from doubling our pay rates to dramatically increasing our flexibility.
  • Bonuses. Every month we offer performance-based bonuses.
  • Consistency. Everything from the timing of our pay (remitted at the end of each month) to the amount of work we deliver is consistent.
  • Positive work environment. We are a friendly and helpful team that encourages our writers to succeed.

Contributing Writer Role Details

As a contributing writer, you will write articles about video games for GameRevolution and/or PlayStation LifeStyle. For GameRevolution, these will be cross-platform on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, etc. For PlayStation LifeStyle, these will be PlayStation specific.

GameRevolution and PlayStation LifeStyle pay a base fee of $10 per story. This rate can be increased if the writer wishes to work for both outlets, and can also be increased based on experience and/or length of work for both sites.


  • Writing regular news in a timely manner to be published on GR/PSLS.
  • By following both sites’ internal style guides and SEO best practices (which will be provided upon successful submission.)
  • Working in our WordPress CMS.
  • Keep up to date with big stories from the gaming industry and the gaming community.
  • Collaboration with our editorial team.

Skills and experience

  • An eye for a good story. We want writers who know a good story when they see one, whether it’s catching up on the latest breaking news or keeping an ear out for the gaming community and reporting what everyone else is talking about. world speaks.
  • A positive member of our team. We want writers who want GR and PSLS to succeed like we do. Positivity breeds success and we seek to continue to cultivate a team of people who we are proud to call one of our own.
  • Passion and talent. We are looking for writers who will be passionate about being on the ground floor of something new and exciting, with that passion reflected in their work.

How to register

Fill out the form below and if you are successful or if we want to know more, we will contact you as soon as possible.

John C. Dent