Waukesha parade videos show red truck [GRAPHIC]

Waukesha parade videos show red truck [GRAPHIC]

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Videos of spectators captured scenes from the murderous incident of the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Graphic videos emerged showing a red SUV smashing into people walking during a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Sunday, November 21, 2021, and authorities said at least 48 people were injured and five people died. , including four members of the Granny Group dancing.

The injured include 18 children, according to journalist Kristen Barbaresi. Of these, 10 are in intensive care – six in critical condition, three in serious condition and one in fair condition – and eight “are in fair condition and not in intensive care,” he said. she reported.

Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson identified Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, as the suspect in the incident during a press conference on November 22. He said Brooks had been embroiled in “domestic unrest” shortly before he was charged with leading the holiday parade route. Although there have been initial reports of more than one suspect, Thompson said Monday that Brooks was alone in the SUV and that the incident would not be an act of terrorism.

You can see some of the videos below; others seem to show corpses lying in the street.

Video shows the moment an SUV throws itself into the crowd on the Wisconsin paradeVideo from a cell phone captures the moments when a driver of a red SUV crashed into a crowd of people who injured and killed several people during a parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. »Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC» Watch more NBC videos: bit.ly/MoreNBCNews NBC News Digital is a collection of innovative and powerful news brands that offer…2021-11-22T13: 31: 08Z

Several local residents who were there or had relatives in the popular Christmas parade told Heavy that a red Ford Escape traveled about a mile on the parade route, mowing people down. Shots were also reported as people frantically rushed to local businesses for safety. Although witnesses at the scene believed the shots were coming from the SUV, Thompson said he did not believe the shots were fired from the SUV, telling a local reporter Kristen Barbaresi that “the officers tried to stop the threat”.

Shawn Reilly, the mayor, said: “This night was a traumatic situation for the town of Waukesha. We don’t have all the details.

The chef said that at 4:39 pm, a red SUV “drove into our Christmas parade. … More than 20 people were injured.

He said the Waukesha Police Department “recovered a suspicious vehicle. It is an ongoing investigation. The victims were transported from the scene by ambulance. Officers transported some of the injured and took them to hospital. It is a very tragic incident. Very chaotic. There are no other threats involved.

Here’s what you need to know:

A man said the truck, which was captured on video from above, came within a foot of his son

A man’s son was almost hit by the truck, and he told Heavy “it looked like a war zone”.

“We just heard screaming on the parade route and looked over it, and the red jeep or SUV stormed in,” Michael Hurst, a carpenter from Waukesha, told Heavy in a telephone interview. who said her son was almost hit by the truck. “I took my son away. He was probably missed by about a foot. There was a little boy next to us who was shot. I saw corpses. The number of people who are going to die because of it, it could even be worse than this shooting in Las Vegas. They’ve got a whole block of Main Street that’s killing people. We have heard that there are active shooters. We don’t know where this came from or if it’s true. The police took me into a building and told me to stay there, to go in, there are active shooters. An officer told us that they had arrested the active shooters. My son was on that street grabbing candy.

He added: “At that point, I thought about grabbing my son and my family and putting them on the sidewalk. It was 100% intentional. He thinks the truck went through the parade for about a mile. “I saw a young boy get hit. He was still alive. He was in great pain. I’m pretty sure he was going to get his legs broken. I saw another guy lying in the street. I guarantee you he was dead. There were about 20 ambulances coming and going. It looked like a war zone there.

The abandoned SUV was then located by police in a driveway, according to the audio from the scanner. An officer told police radio that a bullet hit the windshield, but there is no evidence that anyone inside the vehicle was hit.

A woman wrote to Heavy: “(A relative) lives in Waukesha, a black man with dreads knocked on his door shortly after the parade incident. She didn’t let him in and he crossed the street trying to break into a building. My daughter called 911 with a description and they said they thought he was driving the SUV that hit everyone. Police did not confirm the suspect’s description, but described the suspect as possibly a “black man” on the scanner.

Graphic videos captured the tragedy

This live video above may have captured the vehicle, screams, and a running law enforcement officer. The agents were frantic, screaming, even screaming on the scanner, which you can listen to later in this article.

Here is another video of the red vehicle.

This horrific video shows bodies lying on the ground as people rush to help. “Oh my God!” a woman screams at it several times.

Another video showed a young man helping his grandfather get to safety in a truck. “There’s gunshots now, guys,” he says in the Instagram video as the kids cry in the background. “It’s f ****** chaos. It’s the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. A man moans,” What’s wrong with the world right now ? Be forewarned that the video contains graphical language and is very disturbing.

Waukesha is a suburban town in a conservative, wealthy county next to Milwaukee County. Wisconsin was recently torn apart by divisions over the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, about an hour from Waukesha.

Kaylee Staral, whose Twitter page describes her as a business reporting intern at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, wrote on Twitter, “UPDATE: A car just passed through a parade in downtown Waukesha. Several people on the ground injured. She wrote that the police were shouting that 30 people had been injured.

According to the archived scanner audio, at 4:39 pm, a police officer could be heard over the radio saying, “There is a car heading west and approaching the parade route. A red escape. Black male. I couldn’t stop it. He goes west, blowing his horn.

Another police officer said a “brown Ford Escape just walked past me, White Rock and Hartwell heading for the parade route.” About a minute later, an officer called for help and said: “It looks like a car was going through Main in a westbound direction” and said people were “run over” with “several casualties. “, calling several ambulances to intervene.

A frantic officer then went on the radio and said, “We have about 10 to 15 people on the street. … We need all the units available downtown. He then came back to the radio and shouted, “I have about 30 people on the ground. The officer then corrected himself, saying there were 40 casualties on Main Street. Another officer said a woman was not conscious and was not breathing. The term “victim” refers to both injured and deceased victims.

“Notify all hospitals,” shouted an officer.

Listen to the scanner audio archived here. The second captures the rest.

Jim PiwowarczykThe downtown scene

Police were still looking for the vehicle and the suspect at 4:47 p.m., according to an officer’s radio transmission. He said they were looking for a red Ford Escape SUV with “big damage to the front” heading south away from the parade. Another officer said he shot the SUV as it passed through the parade area.

Here’s the Facebook live video of the parade from the city’s Facebook page.

Heavy spoke to several people with relatives at the scene.

“I just spoke to (a friend) – she said she saw bodies flying. They were shooting through windows as they walked through, knocking people over, ”a woman whose friend was there told Heavy, asking not to be named. Her friend wrote to her: “People walking through the parade hurt people. “

Kaylee Staral, the intern journalist, wrote on Twitter: “Police shouted at least 30 people and shots were fired. “

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