UTA Artist Space presents a new exhibition of videos from the collection of Barbara Balkin Cottle and Robert Cottle

UTA Artist Space will present a new exhibition of video and audio works from the collection of Barbara Balkin Cottle & Robert Cottle. Featuring works by Bruce Nauman, Cory Arcangel, William E. Jones, Douglas Gordon and Oscar Tuazon, High Anxiety brings together iconic works, many of which are presented for the first time in Los Angeles. According to writer Carlos Valladares, “Amidst the barrage of images – degraded, censored, banal, outrageous – that assail us every day, Barbara and UTA Artist Space have created a zone to contemplate the turmoil. relax. We walk through our present lives seeking to control the digital cacophony; here, in a controlled environment, chaos rages. This is our inescapable and messy reality.”

Barbara Balkin Cottle and Robert Cottle own some of the most avant-garde and provocative video works of the late 20th century. As a posthumous tribute to Robert (known as “Cottle”), Barbara has now curated six works from the Cottle collection to be featured at UTA Artist Space in an exhibition. “High Anxiety” was a phrase often used by Cottle – and, now in 2022, a fitting phrase, as this landmark video collection opens during the most extremely nerve-wracking and nerve-wracking period in recent human history. United States.

The Cottles began collecting art in the late 1970s, beginning with a series of prints by Sol LeWitt. However, they soon moved beyond the pursuit of an “encyclopedic” collection of painting, sculpture, and photography. As Barbara told writer Carlos Valladares, “We were interested in pursuing art that went beyond painting. We were looking for something deeper in the conceptual nature of a work. ” The reasons why it should exist. They were guided by Duchamp’s famous phrase: “The creative act is not accomplished by the artist alone; the viewer brings the work into contact with the outside world, deciphering the work, interpreting its inner qualification. He [sic] therefore also contributes to the creative act. “In Barbara’s case, the act of curating the videos that appear in ‘High Anxiety’ is the act of creating. She plants the idea in the mind of the viewer-participant: ‘What connects We could answer: frustration. Pain. Fear. Guilt. A sense of danger. Shock. your knowledge – enjoyable – yet bold in its approach to deep and fundamental questions of human existence, morality, and decline in times of degradation.

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Carlos Valladares is a writer and critic from South Central Los Angeles, California. He studied film at Stanford University and began his doctorate in art history and film and media studies at Yale University in the fall of 2019. He has written for the San Francisco Chronicle, Gagosian Quarterly and n+1.

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Photo courtesy of Barbara Balkin Cottle and Robert Cottle.

John C. Dent