Top 10 Turn-Based RPG Video Games, According To Metacritic

While many turn-based RPGs unfortunately did not receive the popularity and viewership they deserved, the release of Fire Emblem: Three Hopes the June 24, 2022 release for the Nintendo Switch will hopefully lead to a new wave of fans and games in the genre.

While recently released turn-based RPGs are rare, many older games are still highly playable as their art style is simple, yet clean and refined, and have earned the prestige of being among the best turn-based RPGs. never created. .


ten Final Fantasy Tactics Advance – 87

Final Fantasy Tactics advance logo and main characters cover

Final Fantasy Tactics Advancereleased for Nintendo Gameboy Advance, is a spin-off of the Final Fantasy franchise and incorporated many elements from its predecessor, Final Fantasy Tactics, on the PS1. After Marche, Mewt, Ritz, and Doned are transported to the magical land of Ivalice after accidentally reading a magical manual known as the Grimoire, Marche embarks on a grand adventure in his attempt to return to his homeworld.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advancethe greatest contribution of turn-based RPG, in addition to expanding the working system of Final Fantasy Tactics, was the introduction of the law system. The legal system incorporated mission-based rules to limit character abilities and make the game more difficult. It revolutionized the strategic skills needed to play turn-based RPGs, which led to a much better gaming experience.

9 Ogre Tactics: Let’s Hang Together – 87

Box cover for Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together

Ogre Tactics: Let’s Hang Together is the first turn-based RPG of the The Ogre Saga and is well known as the ancestor of all turn-based RPGs that followed. Ogre Tactics: Let’s Hang TogetherThe wartime setting allows for multiple playthroughs using answers to questions posed at the start of the game, which determines which side players will fight for and changes the storyline accordingly.

In addition to introducing the Job system present in the Tactical Ogre and FF Tactics series, Ogre Tactics: Let’s Hang Together introduces the permanent death mechanic. If a player loses a character and doesn’t revive them in time, they are permanently removed from the party, which added an extra element of strategy as the player has to alternate between attacking and defending, making the game fun and challenging.

8 Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness – 87

Character art for Laharl from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, is a classic remake of the original Disgaea Roleplay, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, which was ported to the PSP from the PS2. The story follows the demon prince Laharl, his attendant Etna, and the trainee angel Flonne who set out to restore order to the kingdom of Laharl after the death of his father, the former king.

Whereas DisgaeaThe story of is quite simple yet comedic, the character and level designs throughout the franchise are outstanding. DisgaeaThe ability to switch between cute sprites and highly detailed and engaging character designs makes the visuals of Disgaea to stand in a league of its own. The mix of art styles leads to incredible replayability and allows new fans to properly enjoy older releases.

seven Ogre Tactics: Knight of Lodis – 88

Gameboy box cover of Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis, main character Denim Powell.

Ogre Tactics: Knight of Lodis acts as a prequel to the set Ogre Battle series while incorporating the turn-based system that was developed in Ogre Tactics: Let’s Hang Together. Ogre Tactics: Knight of Lodis is also the first of Ogre Battle games to be released on mobile systems when it was released for the Nintendo Gameboy in 2001, and named one of the best Game Boy Advance RPGs ever made.

The fact that Ogre Tactics: Knight of Lodis became more accessible after its release on the handheld Gameboy Advance, making it much easier for people on the go to experience the game. Coupled with its surprisingly strong graphics and excellent gameplay, Knight of Lodis saw high sales because people were very receptive to a style of play where they didn’t have to take the time to play a great game.

6 Fire Emblem – 88

Original Fire Emblem box cover.

After the Shadow Dragon Medeus, who was defeated long ago by the hero Anri with the legendary sword Falchion, is resurrected by the evil wizard Gharnef, Medeus rises once again to wreak havoc on the world. After Marth and his sister Elice are betrayed by their guardian, Marth embarks on a grand adventure to retrieve the sword Falchion to help him defeat Medeus and Gharnef.

fire emblem, is one of the first true turn-based RPGs ever created. The success of fire emblem in the Japanese market led turn-based fantasy RPGs as a whole to become an important and viable style of game. It is quite possible that if fire emblem hadn’t been well received, turn-based RPGs as a whole might not have become as prominent as they have.

5 Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions – 88

Box art for the main characters in Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, released for the PSP, is a remake of the original Final Fantasy Tactics. FFT: War of the Lions follows the story of the former nobleman of House Beoulve, Ramza Beoulve. Although he is no longer obligated as a Noble to fight in the war between Ivalice and Ordalia, his wish to help end the war and protect his family leads to Ramza’s choice to become a mercenary.

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Thanks to its release on PSP, War of the Lions’ The incorporation of wireless multiplayer was a first for turn-based RPGs and increased its playability. The ability to play with others in a tactics test, whether locally or around the world, has led to a much more diverse player experience and has been very well received.

4 Fire Emblem Three Houses – 89

Character art of the main leaders of Fire Emblem Three Houses, Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is initially set in a school setting where the main character, Byleth, whose name and gender can be changed, is tasked with becoming the new instructor at Garreg Mach Monastery to teach warfare and tactics. After arriving, the player must choose to be the instructor of one of the three main houses. the Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deers.

Stemming from the early game option of choosing which house players wish to join, Fire Emblem: Three Houses basically allows three different games that can be explored. In addition to giving players multiple perspectives of the narrative, it also gave players playing alongside friends a sense of rivalry over whether or not they chose a similar house.

3 Chrono Trigger – 92

Cover of the main character of Chrono Trigger Crono fighting the monster.

The trigger of a stopwatch, one of the best Old School RPGs, is a game based on several eras where the main characters all come from very different time periods and unite to defeat the main antagonist Lavos. The main character, Chrono, and his friends Marle and Lucca use their ability to time travel to recruit the most capable allies in their fight against Lavos.

the trigger of a stopwatchThe main appeal of is its incorporation of characters from different time periods. The different character designs described how each character would be used in combat and added to the game’s narrative depth, giving its storyline more urgency knowing that all time would be affected by Lavos.

2 Fire Emblem Awakening – 92

Promotional cover of the main cast of Fire Emblem Awakening.

Set 2000 years after the events of fire emblem, Fire Emblem Awakening follows Chrom, Robin, a customizable character, and Chrom’s band, the Shepards, as they travel the kingdom of Ylisse. As Prince of Ylisse, it is Chrom’s duty to defend his kingdom against the undead forces that have been unleashed by the neighboring antagonist country Plegia.

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Before Fire Emblem: Awakening was introduced, the fire emblem the series was in decline and almost gone for good. As many gamers have become frustrated with fire emblemthe “permadeath” system, Awakening chose to allow players to remove it, making the series much more friendly, enjoyable, and accessible to new turn-based RPG players.

1 Chrono Cross – 94

Character art of Serge from Chrono Cross.

Chrono-Cross follows the adventure of Serge, who after learning that he died in a parallel dimension is tasked with learning the differences between these two dimensions and finding the cause of his potential death. During his journey through two dimensions, Serge encounters a large number of characters to help him on his mysterious journey.

Besides having a massive cast of diverse characters, each with their own unique abilities and tactics, Chrono-Cross allows players to encounter parallel versions of most characters while traveling between the two parallel dimensions during the games narrative. Chrono-Cross was one of the first games to explore parallel dimensions, going the extra mile to have events in one universe affect events in the other.

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