TikToker shares videos of obscene garbage from stores

Have you ever thought about how we live in a world perfectly capable of producing enough food and basic necessities for every human being on the planet, and yet there are still millions and millions of people who do not don’t have enough?

We do. It’s strange and inhuman, but it’s the reality. There are many reasons for this, a little complex, of course, which do not justify it but explain it. However, the economics and logistics of making sure everyone has what they need doesn’t need to be understood to recognize extreme, blatant and inexcusable waste.

A TikTok user who goes through @dumpsterdivingfreegan shares videos of what she finds in dumpsters at grocery stores, and it’s completely mind-blowing. Even if you already know that stores waste a lot of food, wait and see what she finds. It’s not just foods that are near or near their expiration date, although there are plenty of them. She finds toiletries and household items – sometimes next to the cash register, brand new – just thrown in the dumpster.



Reply to @celester The same WF that throws in enough each night to feed a community😔. #dumpsterdiving #freegan #usa #dumpsterdiver #AEHolidayForever

Many of us would question taking perishables out of a dumpster, but if it’s cold enough outside and you knew they had been thrown out recently, why not? In a logical world, these foods would only be thrown out because there was something wrong with them, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

In another video, she said she hadn’t done grocery shopping for two years because she is able to get so much by diving in dumpsters.


Answer @ littlesquish18 yes, and it got so much worse from there. #dumpsterdiving #freegan #dumpster #capitalism #usa #foodwaste #donatedontdump #fyp

She also says she gives a lot more than she keeps and leaves things behind for other people or the homeless to find. There is always something to shop around.

She wipes down what she can with disinfectant and has not had any problems with bad food or with anyone in her family getting sick while eating it.

When you see what the stores throw away and how much they throw away – perfectly good food that isn’t even at its best by date – it’s understandable that she didn’t have to do the grocery shopping. According to Business Insider, grocery stores are responsible for about 10% of food waste in the United States.


Reply @esotericaa, the more I do, the more I don’t trust the system. #dumpsterdiving #freegan #MunchiesWithTubi #capitalism #usa #dobetter #fyp

But it’s not just food.

Stores throw away all kinds of merchandise. According to this dumpster diver, many stores have a policy of throwing out product crates if an item in the crate is broken. She found cases of wine where only one bottle was broken. And check out this case of perfectly good plants that some people have paid dearly for:


Reply to @ neo.spazzy I literally found plant obstacles in the trash cans of local stores🙃 #dumpsterdiving #planttok #paperwhite #freegan #dumpsterdive

And if some really good discarded plants aren’t enough to get you around, how about toilet paper? It’s true. The precious commodity that people waited for in ridiculous, rationed queues due to hoarding-induced scarcity. But not just any toilet paper! The eco-friendly bamboo that costs a lot more than toilet paper, thrown in a dumpster for reasons none of us can guess.


Reply to @ jobare007 yes! & I haven’t paid since BEFORE the pandemic for this reason🧍‍♀️ # dumpsterdiving # part2 #MakeItCinematic #wholefoods #f

The irony of a store that sells all kinds of eco-friendly items throwing so much into landfills is enough to make your brain explode.

Why don’t they give this stuff away instead of throwing it away? Yes. That’s the million dollar question.

Some stores donate some or most of their overstock or near-due date items. But as we see here, the habit is not universal, it can vary from place to place, and some stores actually have policies against it for some reason. It seems reasonable in the modern world to expect perfectly good objects not to end up in landfills when people need them and when our Earth is already faced with too much trash. It does not mean anything.

You probably have dozens of questions for @dumpsterdivingfreegan and she answers tons of them in her videos and comments. I highly recommend browsing her TikTok channel, where she is truly an open book on money and trash diving. While what she finds is seriously shocking, it is just as interesting to see how she lives her life and organizes her finances.

And it will definitely motivate you to find out if stores in your area are throwing away merchandise and encouraging them to find a more humane and environmentally friendly way to deal with the excess, as the litter in these videos is just plain obscene.

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