The Man Company deploys digital videos featuring Ayushmann Khurrana in original avatars

Men’s grooming brand The Man Company has released three new digital films whose main message revolves around “some things are best left to the experts.”

Conceptualized and executed by What Works, the brand’s digital partner, the campaign features brand ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana, using every arrow in his quiver to deliver a powerful yet warm take on the influencer phenomenon. The three new films positively build on the brand’s existing campaign “Bring out the #GentlemaninYou”.

In the first film, Khurrana is a personal finance influencer who gives tips on how to make money on the stock market. In the second film, he takes on the role of a food influencer, sharing the secret recipe for his favorite beard oil. In the third video, he gives tips for getting six pack abs in 48 hours.

The film series is inspired by hundreds of content creators who influence and guide people to do more and get better. It’s a play on the stereotypes associated with influencers and how they always have solutions for their audiences. Khuranna plays the role of multiple influencers across all categories to deliver a relevant and fun message.

The first film is about stock advice and Khurrana helps identify the safest stocks to invest in. With the rise of fintech companies and the post-pandemic awareness of the importance of wealth management, many millennials have become serious about their money. There is also an increase in the number of creators making videos that help people navigate the confusing world of personal finance. This film is a light take on the influencer economy and it cleverly ties The Man Company’s brand message to the narrative.

In the second video, Khurrana takes on the role of a food influencer and whispers the step-by-step method to making his precious beard oil, the secret to his dense and soft beard. Highlighting how digital content made the indoor kitchen of most millennials stand out, the film is about the rare chance that a home concoction will work as well as something curated by the experts. It is therefore better to leave these complex procedures to experts. He ends the super fun video by sipping Dalgona coffee and saying: experts ka kaam experts by chhod do, aap coffee piyo!

In the third video, describing the role of a quintessential fitness influencer, Khurrana begins with tips for getting six packs of abs, step one: diet and step two: 48-hour continuous workout. Whoops! Scratch that; 48 hours is not even enough for a single package. So, we see him divulge the secret to her glowing skin, because 48 hours might not be enough to get your abs, but it is definitely enough to elevate your skincare game. The film ends by stating that with glowing skin, your face is bound to attract all the attention, distracting it from your body.

The idea was to create something relevant and humorous for the digital audience. A lot of social media content these days focuses on self-help, DIY, and personal growth. Young audiences are getting smarter and wiser than ever, and there are people who are guiding them to become the best versions of themselves. Likewise, The Man Company, with its wide range of grooming products, helps you “Bring out the Gentleman in you” and become a better man.

Khurrana, The Man Company Brand Ambassador, said: “Coming from an industry where grooming plays a big role, I understood and experienced that it is better to leave certain things to the pros. I’m glad a top brand like The Man Company is talking about the same. This latest campaign was filled with quirky remarks, successful collaborations, and I loved being a part of it. I’m proud of the how The Man Company continues to communicate directly with today’s consumers through the modern mind and media. “

Rumi Ambastha, Brand Marketing Director of The Man Company, said: “We are delighted to announce this latest development of our digital campaign in which we try to connect with modern-day men looking for practical, profitable and simple experiences. . Our latest digital campaign featuring quintessential Boy Next Door Ayushmann Khurrana simply demonstrates the many nuances of digital influence, which everyone today is consciously and unconsciously. Exactly, isn’t it? Consumers today are looking for a natural goodness that can encourage their confidence and elevate their overall personality. And at The Man Company, we aspire to do just that. Our digital campaign revolved around the lively humor of Ayushmann, who himself believes that some things are best left to the maestros.

“A modern brand like The Man Company needs a modern approach to content. Having established itself as the leading men’s grooming brand in India, The Man Company understands its major customers and knows they despise anything boring or boring. So we thought to ride the wave of the influencer phenomenon and create a fun, quirky and daring campaign while showcasing the range of products the brand has to offer. Having someone as versatile as Ayushmann Khurrana made our job a lot easier as he played the influencer roles par excellence. The Man Company team was thrilled with the concept as it aligned with their vision for the brand, ”said Imran Shamsi, founder of What Works, the video agency and production house.

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