The 10 Scariest Dinosaurs In Video Games, Ranked

There is endless innovation in gaming in the video game industry, and the immersive form of entertainment has really been able to prove itself as an art form over the past few decades. Video games have evolved from a niche curiosity to a universal pastime, and there are more genres than ever that cater to gamers’ eclectic interests.

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Some genres and topics are perennially popular in the gaming industry, while others are more difficult to bring to fruition effectively. There are high expectations associated with dinosaurs, and it’s not easy to do them justice, especially when it comes to the level of terror these beasts should evoke. However, some games rise to the occasion and feature dinosaurs as the creepy lizard kings of legend.

ten The Fiery Dino Piranha pushes a stupid Mario enemy into terrifying territory

The Super Mario The franchise pitted Nintendo’s platform legend against a wide array of foes, some of which included various prehistoric beasts. The Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey even allows him to temporarily take control of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Goofy juggernaut Petey Piranha enters the barrel in Super Mario Sun, and the monstrosity has undergone unique transformations over time.

The Melty Molten Galaxy turns up the heat, literally, and also features a creature known as the Fiery Dino Piranha. This boss is technically a dinosaur which may not be as terrifying as a traditional dino, but it is a strong and intimidating evolution of this enemy’s previous forms.

9 Riptor from Killer Instinct is a hybrid raptor with a murderous bloodlust

Aggressive and mature fighting games helped the combat genre flourish in the 1990s, and killer instinct was a popular alternative to games like mortal combat. killer instinct makes its mark through a roster of dangerous characters, including Riptor.

Riptor’s main appeal is that he’s a playable dinosaur in a fighting game, but he also has a surprisingly deep backstory that reveals he’s actually a hybrid with a human. Riptor represents the scariest and most dangerous aspects of a velociraptor, but with the added intelligence and abilities of a human.

8 Peter Jackson’s King Kong T-Rex is worthy of being the kind of lizard

Video games have a long history with movie tie-ins and adaptations that allow a property’s popularity to transcend multiple entertainment mediums. that of Peter Jackson King Kong is an outlandish love letter to the original film, and it also helped set up a very satisfying, universe-expanding video game adaptation.

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Peter’Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Movie Game celebrates the insurmountable simian that is King Kong, but it also doesn’t shy away from the fact that Skull Island is also teeming with dinosaurs. King Kong contains a grand battle against a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex that is as satisfying as anything in the Peter Jackson movie.

seven TheHunter: Primal Gives His Tyrannosaurus A Classic Advantage

The growing popularity of shooters and the action genre in games naturally lends itself to dangerous creatures like dinosaurs. The hunter: primal riffs on some familiar tropes as its prominent protagonist is transported to Primal Eden, a planet overrun by dinosaurs and other aggressive lifeforms.

The hunter: primal touches on many of the most basic dinosaurs, but their take on the T-Rex is unique. The interpretation of a Tyrannosaurus Rex which is present in The hunter isn’t as large as the versions in other games, but it stands out with its feathered design, which makes the giant lizard even scarier than the standard one.

6 Dino Crisis’ T-Rex is a terrifying twist on a classic creature

Shinji Mikami and Capcom forever changed the gaming industry with Resident Evil, which has become emblematic of the survival-horror genre as a whole. Mikami attempted to follow up on this success with dinosaur crisis, which would do for dinosaurs what it did with zombies. Unfortunately, the dinosaur crisis the games didn’t take off and the franchise lay dormant for decades.

the original dinosaur crisis is really the only title that leans into the horror angle. While it leans towards conventional creatures instead of original creations, the game knows how to make them all work. The final showpiece that pits Regina against a Tyrannosaurus Rex is up there with the best final showdowns ever. resident Evil series.

5 Thunder From Turok – Dinosaur Hunter merges monster and machine

Turok – Dinosaur Hunter has its roots in gaming since the Nintendo 64 as one of the console’s very first shooters. The Turok the games mix in plenty of sci-fi elements that take Turok’s pursuits of malevolent warlords and rampaging dinosaurs to even greater heights.

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The over-the-top arsenal and increased focus on multiplayer battles helped the Turok the series thrive in the late 90s. The Campaigner is a villain who performs morbid cybernetic experiments on dinosaurs that are already effective killing machines. Thunder is a Tyrannosaurus Rex that the Militant transformed into a bioosaur that can now breathe fire and shoot lasers from its eyes.

4 Horizon Forbidden West’s TremorTusks give mammoths a mechanical upgrade

Forbidden Horizon West is the famous sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn which follows Aloy’s ongoing struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world full of gigantic monsters, robotic anomalies and everything in between. Many creatures in Forbidden Horizon West are likely to cause nightmares in the player, but TremorTusks are on a whole different level.

These threats are essentially mechanical woolly mammoths that boast heightened strength and would make even the most angry T-Rex recoil in fear. They are one of the biggest dangers for Aloy in the game.

3 ARK: Survival Evolved’s Rockwell Aberration Fuses Human With Monster

ARK: Survival Evolved is such a striking evolution of the typical monster-hunting formula because of how it takes place millions of years after the fall of the Earth thanks to hordes of determined kaiju. The monsters invade the planet, which pushes humanity to take refuge elsewhere in the universe, only to return much later and with vengeance.

These monsters aren’t all necessarily dinosaurs, but they toe the line and push the planet back into chaotic anarchy where monsters reign supreme. The Rockwell Aberration from the game’s robust DLC Expansion Pack is as if one of Umbrella’s chief scientists from resident Evil started to get involved in dino genes.

2 Necrosan from Primal Rage is a zombie dinosaur that can control the dead

There’s a lot of appeal in a fighting game that revolves around dinosaurs and primeval beasts set in an apocalyptic wasteland where humans worship these creatures as gods. Primal Rage didn’t turn into a smash hit, but it does include some creative dinosaur designs that are both friendly and fierce.

Admittedly, Necrosan, the god of death, is a final boss removed from Primal Rage and was supposed to be in the game’s potential sequel. Necrosan is a gruesome idea that puts a cosmic horror spin on a dinosaur. It feeds on all life and forces a maggot to rely on the world.

1 Monster Hunter Rise’s Khezu Are Too Intense Nightmarish Creatures

Capcom’s monster hunter The franchise has been popular in Japan since its PlayStation 2 debut in 2004, but it took some time to gain universal appeal. Now, nearly two decades later, monster hunter has never been so popular. Rise of the Monster Hunter turned out to be one of the deepest monster hunter experiences and it also includes some of the scariest beasts in any game.

It could be debated whether Khezu is actually a dinosaur or just a broad “monster”, but there is enough evidence to point to the former. The Khezu puts the Uragaan, the Thunder Serpent Narwa and others monster hunter behemoths to shame. It’s pure nightmare fuel.

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