The 10 best Nintendo Switch video games of 2021, according to Metacritic

The Nintendo Switch has had a fantastic year and in large part thanks to the wide variety of titles on offer. There are many games that have managed to capture the attention of the audience in a unique way and show what the console is fully capable of.

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metacritic reviewed all of these video game experiences throughout 2021 and rounded up the top 10 titles based on their overall reviews. These games have managed to achieve impressive sales and while there are some great franchises among them, there are also lesser known games that have swept through the Nintendo community.

ten Quake Remastered – 87

Quake Remaster Brings Classic Shooter Into The Modern Era

Originally, earthquake has been released in 1996 on classic consoles like the Nintendo 64. However, in 2021 Nintendo managed to restart the project from publishers GT Interactive and Bethesda Softworks, as well as developers id Software and Nightdive Studios. The result was the well received shooter Quake remastered.

It plays exactly like the original title to its great strength and features updated graphics that are sure to leave previous fans feeling nostalgic. Nintendo’s life said the team made it a success by “adding lots of optional bells and whistles, packing a ton of content, and delivering the definitive way to play this 25-year-old masterpiece in the process.

9 Metroid Dread – 88

Metroid Dread Kraid Throwback Easter Egg

Terror Metroid was easily one of the most anticipated games of the year on the Switch platform as it was a throwback to a classic and beloved series. The title didn’t disappoint with gorgeous visuals, memorable Samus levels, and plenty of intriguing narrative beats.

Developed by Mercury Steam and Nintendo, the game has managed to recapture the spirit of what made the originals so popular. Starbit stated via Metacritic that “This exquisite work brings the Metroid formula to the present day, but it does not compromise on what made Metroid such a colossal name.


8 Overcooked! All You Can Eat – 88

Food made in the Overcooked game

the Overcooked! Titles are great board games for the whole family. All you can eat brought together the original game and the sequel to Ghost Town Games and Team17 into one cohesive product, with all the bonuses and DLCs over the years.

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The Switch as a platform works great with the fast paced playstyle and cartoonish graphics. Like Nintendo’s life noted, “The wacky visuals and chaotic gameplay make this an ideal game for local co-op.” The updated render was also popular with the audience.

seven Monster Hunter Rise – 88

Best RPGs 2021 Monster Hunter Rise Combat

Monster hunter rise from RE Engine and Capcom continues the franchise in a stellar way, with some of the best concept designs ever seen in the series. Boosted by the Switch’s visual abilities, the gameplay is also dramatically enhanced with awesome combos and gripping options.

The RPG franchise may never be better than this mind-boggling story, which is celebrated as much for its narrative as it is for its core mechanics, even in some of Monster huntingthe most difficult levels. Change Brazil noted, “With an abundance of elements that make it unique in relation to the other games in the franchise, it also brings back the best of each entry, both in gameplay and in the monster roster.

6 Fes – 88

Players play through a level in Fez

The indie game from Phil Fish, Polytron Corporation and Blitworks got an update for Nintendo Switch in 2021 after its previous release on other platforms in 2012. It has aged perfectly, combining retro platform mechanics with a fun art style.

It’s simple and elegant in its design, with a quick expansion that suddenly reveals just how big this cinematic world really is. Vandal says that Fez is unique and irreplaceable. A masterpiece still as relevant as it was nine years ago.“His choices of subtle stories help propel him forward.

5 Twilight – 88

Player shoots monsters in Dusk

Independent play Dusk has been originally published in 2017 by New Blood Interactive and David Szymanski and has performed incredibly well. While its visuals have been deliberately aged in concept, the shooter’s gameplay mechanics and spooky beats helped create an immersive experience.

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The version released for the Nintendo Switch takes the audience even further into the story. The game looks amazingly well on the HD screen. NintendoWorld Report noted “that the creator took his time to sand and sharpen every little nook of DUSK for his Switch debut,“allowing it to adapt well to the console.

4 Death Gate – 89

The player faces a monster in Death's Door

The door of death by Acid Nerve and published by Devolver Digital alongside Special Reserve Games could be one of the most surprising titles of the year. For starters, its graphic design is truly memorable, with a number of iconic characters created through the simplicity of its visual style.

The action-adventure role-playing title is chock-full of amazing content, but the gameplay is the star here, which fits well with the Switch’s setup. Pure Nintendo suggested that it is “a fun and unique action-adventure game with engaging scenery and music. You can pick it up and play on the go, and although the controls require skill, it’s easy to master.

3 Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury – 89

Searchlight Sneak in Super Mario World 3D World 5-7

While the Mario games have had many frustrating clichés and tropes in the past, the World of Super Mario 3D + Bowser’s Fury The combo title manages to avoid them tremendously, creating a satisfying set of gameplay that re-enacts some classic moments.

The two titles are truly their respective pinnacles of the genre, with the awesome combination of the two allowing fans to have all of this content in one place despite the variation in gameplay. The player says that “Ultimately, World of Super Mario 3D, in this package, is the best this game has ever been, with the increased speed and ease of multiplayer access making it much more engaging than ever.

2 Tetris Effect: Connected – 95

Tetris Effect Falling countdown mode, I'm blocking elimination

Is there a more iconic puzzle game than Tetris? With some of the hardest levels on any Tetris title to this day but also bringing back the feeling that the original had, Effect takes things up a notch with its vibrant reissue of a legendary classic. The game was created by Resonair, Monstars, Stage Games, Sony, and Enhance.

It’s not just typical Tetris either, as it brings a number of new options based on the dreaded timer as well as some fun co-op levels. Nintendo Insider says the game “is an amazing top-down experience whether you play alone or with others in the new competitive modes. Its effortless mix of stunning graphics and euphoric music makes it more than just a puzzle game.

1 Home of Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenant Edition – 96

The house in Fata Morgana

Developer Novectacle and publishers Limited Run Games, MangaGamer, Mighty Rabbit Studios, Gengosha Inc. and FuRyu have created Metacritic’s Switch Game of the Year. The novel style of storytelling is really unique and works best on Nintendo Switch.

It fits perfectly into the console’s catalog of games and is beautifully drawn with visuals that help expertly tell the story. Mako’s reactor said that “The house of Fata Morgana on Nintendo Switch is the best way to experience a true masterpiece of storytelling.“It’s sure to have the audience in tears.

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