Teenagers and video games: a boy stops talking to his mother for a year because of the “severe” ban on video games

Limit the time children spend playing video games is not unknown, but a parent faces a backlash from his son for doing so.

Mum Merial Myers took to Twitter to share her son’s reaction to her playing rules – and ask if she had been too hard on him.

“My son refuses to talk to me for the rest of the year because I won’t let him play adult console games,” she wrote in the post. “He’s 12 and he wants to play GTA and Call of Duty because all his friends do…” she wrote on the post. Am I being too strict here?

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The boys’ intense reaction to her ban led the mother to believe she was going too far. (Getty)

The tweet got a lot of attention from other parents.

“I had the same rules for all of mine. Did they go behind my back and play at friends’ houses of course? I didn’t allow it at my house,” one mum said.

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“I work in video games. Those ratings are there for a reason. Would you let your 12-year-old watch an 18-rated movie? The same principle applies – too many parents don’t think they’re that bad – but some really are,” another person noted.

While many people supported the mother’s decision saying it was for the safety of her own child and welfarea surprising number of readers thought it was her who went too far.

“Not letting him play these games somewhat isolates him from his friends. His friends will probably talk a lot about these games, and your son can’t participate in them,” one Twitter follower replied.

Another said: “My boys played the games and they’re big men of integrity now. I’m proud of them. Games don’t ruin kids, they’re bad parents.”

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