Play Warzone, Other Video Games To Reduce Heart Attack Risk, Scientists Urge

Intense shooter games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Apex: Legends could help prevent heart attacks with their stress-relieving effects during and after play.

Researchers at the University of Leeds conducted a study titled ‘Your body on eSport‘. 32 gamers aged 20-26 were hooked up to heart rate monitors and invited to play some of their favorite games before completing a stress and anxiety quiz afterwards.

While all players reported lower stress levels regardless of what game they played, the classic Counter-Strike tactical shooter had the biggest impact in reducing stress levels and reducing heart rate. .

Apex: Legends is supposed to make the blood pump the most

The free-to-play fighting game Apex: Legends, meanwhile, was the most stressful game, possibly due to its shorter, more intense matches. However, it was the only game that actually lowered gamers’ blood pressure during the game.

Despite common sense ideas that gambling is unhealthy, perhaps the most interesting finding from the study commissioned by BetVictor is that “years” of gambling experience can enhance stress-reducing effects. video games, even if they have stressful times.

“The game can have some intense moments, especially in shooters, when players are constantly searching for enemies and trying to claim territory,” the researchers wrote.

Is gambling good for you after all?
Is gambling good for you after all?

They continued, “The full attention of the players is absorbed by the on-screen action, and that is shown in the results.”

“When players encounter an enemy or challenge, in most cases there was a higher fluctuation in heart rate among the participants.”

The study authors attempted to come up with theories as to why Counter-Strike had the greatest anti-stress effects on gamers.

Gamers say <a class=video games help reduce stress – and science backs them up” content=””/>
Gamers say video games help reduce stress – and science backs them up

Some researchers have suggested that the length of a CS match is almost double that of other games, and that there is a longer time gap between turns that allows players to relax.

The highest heart rate recorded during the study was when a player’s pulse hit 140 bpm during a game of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), although it is not clear what is happening. was in the game at the time. Perhaps the game’s infamous grizzly bears had appeared.

See the full study here

John C. Dent