Outernet London Unveils Public Digital Arts Collaboration with WeTransfer

Outernet London, the major new immersive media and culture district launching this summer, announces a creative partnership with WeTransfer, focusing on their work with young emerging talent to big-name artists through their award-winning digital arts platform WePresent .

WePresent’s orders will be projected onto Outernet’s massive 360-degree wraparound, floor-to-ceiling 8K screens – the world’s most digitally advanced immersive space. The works will run throughout the year and into 2023 with a regularly updated schedule to follow after the initial launch – all available free to the public.

WePresent is WeTransfer’s Oscar-winning curator and digital arts platform, serving as the company’s cultural torchbearer to a monthly audience of 3 million people in 190 countries. In collaboration with young emerging talents and renowned artists such as Marina Abramovic, FKA Twigs, Riz Ahmed and Solange Knowles, WePresent presents the best in art, photography, film, music, literature and more again from all over the world. Since launching in 2019, WePresent has commissioned 1,000 creatives from over 100 countries.

Outernet London’s inaugural WeTransfer program will feature ten artists:

Imran Christian – ‘Ruh’

In his ‘Ruh’ series, which translates from Arabic to ‘soul’, photographer Imraan Christian taps into often-forgotten fragments of culture to create something entirely new: a fantasy world of gods, queens and native heroes playing their part in tales that can fill in the gaps in a history ravaged by colonial persecution.

Ramin Mazur – ‘Rural Carnival’

Across Eastern Europe, young revelers gave Malanka, a folk festival with pagan and Christian roots, an unconventional makeover, updating traditional costumes and masks with clothing, materials and contemporary objects that give them a new meaning. Moldovan photographer Ramin Mazur captures the evolution of tradition.

Micaiah Carter – “Optimism”

In “Optimism,” a photo collaboration with WePresent, American photographer Micaiah Carter bridges the past and the future with emotional and intimate images of Black men, women, and families. Infused with nostalgia and personal memory, the series celebrates and preserves a facet of the black experience that is often overlooked.

Alex Prager “First part: the mountain”

Restlessness is a universal part of the human condition, dating back to the beginning of civilization. In a series of surreal portraits, Alex Prager captures this state of uncertainty, suspending his protagonists in the air as they tumble and fall in front of the lens. They’re lost in motion, out of control – how hard will they hit the ground?

Julianknxx – ‘Black Corporal (Enter That Tune)’

Shot at the Barbican Conservatory during lockdown in 2020, Sierra Leonean interdisciplinary artist Julianknxx’s short film is a metaphysical exploration of the act of breathing. Through dance, poetry, costume and music, he questions how the air pollution, stress, anxiety and prejudices that run through society can hinder black people’s ability to do freely.

Polly Nor and Andy Baker – ‘How Are You?’

During lockdown, when most of us were rejoicing in our new sourdough-making abilities or watching ‘The Sopranos’ for the second time, illustrator Polly Nor and animator Andy Baker worked together on a project that captured the loneliness, the strangeness and the banality of the unprecedented moment.

Adaeze Okaro – “A Family Affair”

For Nigerian photographer Adaeze Okaro, family has always been a catalyst for creativity – from her father, who encouraged her to regain her confidence by buying her a camera, to her mother, whom Adaeze watched as she was getting ready for church, brimming with beauty and class. In his stunning portraits, memory, home and old family photos merge into something entirely new.

Kara Yong – ‘XXX’

Born into a fairly traditional Chinese family in multicultural Malaysia, Kara Yong absorbed mixed messages about what a woman should be like. Today, she uses her vivid paintings to develop an understanding of herself that transcends expectations and presumptions.

Dani Choi – ‘The Garden of Mischief’

Inspired by the underground stories she heard as a child, and the austere stylistic aesthetic and themes of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining,” Dani Choi creates a whole new world, not as dark (on the surface) than those from which it is inspired. , but just as wild.

Stefania Tejada – ‘God is a woman’

Growing up in a small Colombian town and attending a strict Catholic school, painter Stefania Tejada’s first view of femininity was limited. Now living in Paris and inspired by the pages of Vogue and the moves of her favorite fashion designers, she paints a legion of powerful women with the world at their feet.

Philip O’Ferrall, CEO and President Outernet Global said, “This partnership is exactly what Outernet was designed for. We can take fantastic orders from WePresent and create cultural and artistic moments for the public through our giant digital canvas. There really is nothing quite like Outernet and working with like-minded people such as the WeTransfer team and WePresent means will offer something truly special.

Holly Fraser, Senior Content Manager, WeTransfer, said, “As a predominantly digital platform, we look forward to sharing WePresent orders with new audiences through Outernet’s immersive screens in one of the world’s most creative neighborhoods.” Culture should be part of everyday life, and we envision it as an opportunity to share the arts with a wider audience who will now be able to see powerful creative projects every day.

About Outernet Globa

The Outernet is a global network of central hubs designed to elevate the culture and commerce of the world’s major cities through the broadest and most immersive digital experiences. Outernet is at the forefront of the global media economy, taking brand experiences to a whole new level. The Outernet London campus includes two huge, immersive public spaces – The Now Building and Now Trending. Each space features floor-to-ceiling 360-degree 16K screens capable of delivering the world’s most breathtaking audio-visual experiences. The versatility, scale and connectivity of the Outernet network is a world first for brand owners and advertisers.

About WePresent

WePresent is WeTransfer’s digital arts platform, acting as the company’s cultural torchbearer to a monthly audience of approximately 3 million people in 190 countries. Collaborating with young emerging talents to renowned artists such as Marina Abramovic, Riz Ahmed, FKA twigs or David Sedaris, WePresent presents the best of art, photography, cinema, music, literature and more again, championing diversity in everything he does. The platform’s commissions range from editorial articles to films, illustrations, photographic series, events, exhibitions and social media activations, with the aim of offering a new vision of the magic and mystery of creative ideas. WePresent were the curators and executive producers of actor and musician Riz Ahmed’s acclaimed short The Long Goodbye, which won an Oscar in 2022 for Best Live Action Short.

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