Nation’s Restaurant News 10 Best Videos of 2021

This year, Nation’s Restaurant News launched an all-new video series, Snapshot of Success, showcasing restaurant accomplishments and leadership. In this series, Marco’s Pizza is on the list of the most viewed videos trying to be the fourth largest pizza chain. At the end of 2019, Marco’s launched a national advertising campaign to raise awareness of the brand. The chain had also just launched an app and updated its tech suite around the same time, thanks to Steve Seyferth’s influence as CMO at the time. Basically, the channel was pandemic ready.

As most restaurants strive to add drive-thru and pickup lanes and reduce their footprint, Manasquan, New Jersey-based Jersey Mike’s sandwich chain is confident in their long-standing format. : 1,000 to 1,400 square foot stores primarily offering pickups and take out. But what has changed in the past year during the pandemic is Jersey Mike’s digital growth, which increased 180% from last April to last March.

An interview with Jersey CEO Mike discusses their immense digital growth and success despite the challenges of the pandemic. The first quarter of 2021 saw same-store sales increase by 40%, which Peter Cancro attributes to the investments they made just before the pandemic to relaunch their mobile app in 2019.

This list also contains an interview with President Travis Boersma of Dutch Bros. on how they weathered the multiple crises of 2020 and came out stronger in 2021.

“We are in the realm of relationships. The product is love, ”said Boersma. “We are all trying to figure out how to persevere through tough and difficult times, and hope is the name of the game.”

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John C. Dent