McRae’s work on gender and digital culture presented at the NeON Digital Arts Festival

English Department Professor Shannon McRae

NEoN, a charity arts organization based in Dundee, Scotland, asked English department professor Shannon McRae to write an exhibit for their digital reading room on the theme of the digital arts festival of the year. , “Wired Women”.

The aim of the festival is to “tackle the digital gender divide and highlight the contribution of female and non-binary artists to the formation of the digital and technology-driven arts sector”.

The name “Wired Women” is taken from the title of a pioneering anthology of writings on women on the Internet where Dr. McRae’s early work on fluid sexual identities in virtual spaces, “Coming Apart at the Seams: Sex, Text , and the Virtual Body “, was first published in 1996.

The commissioned multimedia piece, “ReWired: The Internet of Us,” updates this original work as an investigation into how genderqueer women and non-binary people create community and find means of expression on the Internet. ‘today.

McCrea will also be the guest speaker / conversationalist for an affiliate event sponsored and organized by the School of Cyborg, an international consortium of graduate students working together at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. The topic of this conversation will be the figure of the cyborg as an icon of non-binary identity and empowerment.

John C. Dent

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