Man turns dirty bike into expensive ride, videos spark reactions Nigeria news

  • Expert mechanic cleaned a bike that looked rusty and replaced every worn part with new ones
  • Before embarking on the transformation task, he decoupled the bike into pieces that were washed or replaced
  • Many people who responded to the videos on social media said great caution had to be invested in the process.

An unnamed man turned a dirty and burnt motorbike into a brand new motorbike using his mechanical skills.

In a series of videos shared by a Facebook page titled Food and travel tv, the man meticulously sided with the bike.

The transformed look of the bike looks really cool. Photo source: Food and travel television
Source: Facebook

How did he do

After each part was decoupled, he proceeded to a thorough wash of the engine. He replaced his worn out robots and parts.

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The second part of the video shows how far he has come in cleaning up the rot from the machine. The front wheel of the bike now looks brand new.

Watch the videos below:

Here is the second part:

What social media users are saying

At the time of writing, the video has garnered millions of views with massive reactions.

Here are some of them:

Joe Andrew said:

“Spraying paint inside the crankcase and using cheap bolts inside the engine is not a good idea.

Rifky Hussain said:

“This bike was thrown in the mud – not rusty.”

Isaac Amit Samuel said:

“I wish someone could restore my body like this.”

Sonny Duque said:

“Dude, if I had to take something like that apart, I wouldn’t know how to put it all back together.” It’ll just end up in a bunch of junk! “

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Source: Legit

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