MacX DVD Ripper Pro turns physical multimedia movies into streaming digital videos [50% off]

MacX DVD Ripper Pro turns physical multimedia movies into streaming digital videos [50% off]

In the age of watching videos on iPhone and iPad, there has never been a better reason to turn your favorite DVD movies into streaming files. Backing up video from DVD protects your movies from disc damage while allowing you to enjoy your media without a DVD player. The technology also allows us to enjoy movies without region code restrictions applied to physical media.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a feature-rich Mac application that lets you free your movies from physical discs. Just for the holidays, MacX DVD Ripper Pro has special prices for customers to scan media and backup DVDs, but the deal won’t last long, so read on …


MacX DVD Ripper Pro is not just a basic utility with a few features. The app is packed with features that let you take control of your media in the format you want to play wherever you want.

Different video formats work best in different formats, and MacX DVD Ripper Pro supports over 350 options. Convert your DVDs to the format that best suits your needs, including:

  • MP4
  • HEVC / H.265
  • H.264
  • mov
  • Flv
  • MPEG4 and more!

This allows you to turn movies that require a DVD player to enjoy them into files that you can play on iPhone or Android, iPad or tablet, Mac or PC, and even smart TVs and car media players.

Versatility in reading is not the only advantage. MacX DVD Ripper Pro can turn unusable region-locked DVD movies into playable videos. It is also ideal for saving new movie purchases or even digitizing your DVD collection for your kids for easier reading.

Backing up a DVD is easy. MacX DVD Ripper Pro can back up the entire contents of a DVD by creating an ISO image file. This completely maintains video and audio fidelity without any loss of quality.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is also designed for Mac, so DVD ripping is done at fast speed. You can rip a full DVD in just five minutes using the Level 3 hardware acceleration technology that powers your Mac’s GPU.

How to use MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Getting started with MacX DVD Ripper Pro is as easy as three clicks. Just click the DVD button in the top left corner to load your disc, choose your preferred file format, then hit the RUN button and let the app get to work. Your digital copy of your film will be ready in less than five minutes!

If choosing the right file format is scratching your head, don’t worry. MacX DVD Ripper Pro usefully includes preconfigured profiles so that you know which format is suitable for the devices from which you plan to watch your movie in the future.

Try now and save for the holidays

There has never been a better time to try MacX DVD Ripper Pro and start releasing your movies from physical media. Download MacX DVD Ripper Pro today for a free trial, then take advantage of the special limited-time price to save for the holidays. 9to5Mac readers can get MacX DVD Ripper Pro with a 12 month license for $ 29.95 (usually $ 79.95) during the limited time special, so don’t wait to start digitizing your DVDs.

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