Launch of a new digital arts agency with the David Salle NFT project –

Stepping into the crowded NFT space at the end of 2021 was an opportunity for DMINTI, a new digital arts agency, to try something different.

“We wanted to do something that would give artists a great opportunity to step into this world,” said Jennifer Stockman, co-founder and former chair of the Guggenheim Museum board. “But not just by focusing on the artist, but on the production and exhibition of this work and by attracting museums, institutions and collectors.”

Seeking to help artists from more traditional media (like painting and sculpture) go digital, DMINTI reached out to painter David Salle. His new job NFT A well leafy tree (2021) launched the agency on Sunday after its creation on the NFT SuperRare platform.

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A well leafy tree is an animation based on the paintings of Salle inspired by Peter Arno New Yorker cartoons from the 30s and 40s. While animation does not exactly capture the pictorial quality that Hall imbues his art, it could nonetheless be a hit in the NFT market.

DMINTI’s approach is to adapt their NFTs to an artist’s existing work, helping participants tap into a wild market. Carola Jain, CEO of DMINTI and other co-founder, said, “We meet them, we look at their work, consult with experts and try to understand where the opportunity lies for a different NFT or Web3 experience, and then we help the artists. to produce this work.

In the case of Salle, he always wanted to make an animation. Why not run it and turn it into NFT? In a promotional video, Salle adds, “The ability to make things happen is a bonus – the paintings don’t budge. “

Other artists the company plans to work with include Sarah Meyohas, Oscar Murillo, and Sarah Morris, and former Guggenheim chief curator Nancy Spector has been recruited to help expand DMINTI’s artist base. “Between her knowledge of artists and my own knowledge as a collector and our respective teams, we reach out to many top artists,” said Stockman.

Like other booming NFT companies, buzzwords like accessibility and democracy are also part of DMINTI’s game plan. Jain said, “This shift in a different art world is really about democratizing art and making it accessible to a lot more people around the world.”

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