It’s dealer video season

As the sales boom triggered by the pandemic shows signs of slowing down, it becomes more important than ever for dealers to find effective ways to maintain customer relationships. And, since we live in the “age of video,” resellers are struggling to find a better alternative right now than producing and distributing appropriate digital video content that includes your team’s seasonal greetings.

With today’s technology, studies show that we all spend an average of 90 minutes a day watching videos on our phones or computers. Additionally, most people (72%) say they would rather watch a video than read about a product or service. This makes using videos a compelling way to nurture relationships and build appeal to customers. Over the past few years, this format has become a key part of any marketing plan.

Therefore, if you don’t create your own videos, you are probably falling behind. And while creating videos might seem overwhelming at first, it’s not that complicated, and audiences are very accepting of DIY video content.

Want an easy place to start? Customers and prospects love to know more about how a business works and, in particular, the people who support it. Just showing team members who make it easy for customers humanizes the dealership – that alone is a powerful marketing tool.

Videos that focus on a major activity that customers engage in, such as fishing tips, can be popular; provide after-sales service maintenance pointers; introduce a new member of the sales team or office; offer occasional specials of vacation accessories only to existing customers; use a video to promote a client-only preview of new models; In short, any video you make gives you the chance to get in touch with your customers without waiting for them to approach you.

The point is, a buyer’s journey doesn’t end when the sale is made. The attitude should always be that the customer’s first purchase is just the start of a long-term relationship. And, how appropriate is that today, given our recent commercial success with first-time boaters.

A good place to start

Bring lunch and have a brainstorming session with the dealership team where everyone can come up with their topic ideas. Chances are, you’ll have more possibilities than you ever could on video. In the meantime, here are 3 classifications of frames you can work with:

The educational video

People are now turning to online educational videos to learn new things or how to do something right. You can take advantage of this growing demand to reach customers on specific topics. They can be as simple as showing the correct way to jog a line (most boaters do it wrong), making a half-hitch, or the easy way to tie the best knot in boating, the bowline. How about boat maintenance tips, a pre-ride checklist, or tips for getting the boat up easily. The key is to provide useful information.

The video tutorial

It is designed to highlight a process, share knowledge, explain a concept, or more often than not, briefly show how to perform a specific task. You’ve probably seen hundreds of them on social media or YouTube; they can quickly help a customer learn something that will help them enjoy their boat more, and they naturally show that you care.

The explanatory video

As the name suggests, it explains what something does, how it does it, and the contribution it makes to a great day on the water. Topics like the best tow rope setup for pulling kids on a tube, using trim tabs to balance passenger weight, or a full trailer checklist before heading to the local ramp.

A video can cover anything from a simple discussion of a new product to advice from after-sales service. It just comes down to using a little imagination and it can be fun for the whole dealership team to come up with ideas and participate. And right now, a simple holiday greeting from the team can be a great introduction.

John C. Dent