In times to come, making short videos will yield big, big revelations.

Short video search: The demand for short video apps is growing rapidly. According to the report, India’s short form app industry is expected to witness strong growth in the coming days. By 2025, the short video app’s monthly active users could be around 600 million, or even 600 million. The same short video business can reach $19 billion (Rs 1 lakh 51 crore) for the next 8 years i.e. by 2030.

Indian every day 38 minutes watching short video

According to a report, Indians watch about 156 minutes of entertainment-related content on their smartphones daily. Other than that, every Indian devotes about 38 minutes to short videos every day. According to a report by Bengaluru-based RedSeer Strategy Consultants, Moj, Josh, Roposo will continue to dominate the short video app market in India. Other than that, the competition between MX-Takatak and Spark will continue. It was stated in the report that the share of digital advertising in the form of short videos can be around 10-20%. Video-based activities will form the bulk of activities in short applications. It is estimated that video-based business in China has increased 100 times over the past 4 years.

Young people watch the news on a short video platform

There is a big craze for the short video platform among young people. Young people use a short video platform for news. According to a UK-based study, young people in the UK use social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube for news. According to the report, 29% of young people use the meta-platform’s Instagram for information. While 28% of young people use YouTube for information.

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John C. Dent