Here’s a look at child artist Amreen Malhotra’s viral videos on Instagram

Instagram has become a rage not only among Gen Z and Millennials, but among people of all age groups. In recent years, it has seen an escalation and is one of the leading social media platforms. Lately, the social media platform has come up with an array of features with the short video format topping the list. Instagram reels have proven to be a game changer by securing extraordinary engagement. Prominent children’s influencer Amreen Malhotra has taken the internet by storm with her videos that are both creative and adorable.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Amreen Malhotra is known for her fashion game, endearing videos and trendy dance moves. The six-year-old influencer has left audiences and brands in awe of her expressions down to the gram. With the on-trend Instagram reels adding flavor to users’ dull and monotonous lives, Amreen is surely winning everyone’s hearts.

As her Instagram reels have created wonders in the past, the child artist has also collaborated with established brands. Amreen has previously collaborated with Big Bazaar, Pampers, Gini & Jony, Dabur, Sony YAY !, Volvo, Amazon Alexa, McCain, Nickelodeon, My Central, Odomos and Lifebuoy. In addition, it continues to make its presence felt in the brand world with its popularity in the digital arena.

The little girl’s Instagram page has surpassed 600,000 subscribers. The actor and his uncle Raghuraja Bhatia run his page, while his mother Pooja Malhotra has been a constant support. Amreen fell into the limelight with her viral “Hello Friends! Paani Peelo! ‘ with an adorable little laugh. Not only that, his videos even caught the attention of many celebrities. One of her videos on Instagram went crazy with almost 3 million likes and 50 million views.

Watch the video here –

In the reel, the cute little princess synchronizes lips with her expressions. In addition to this, the child artist has captured the attention of many users on the web space.

Here are some of Amreen Malhotra’s other videos dominating social media.

Going through the video reels above and of course not forgetting the engagement on her posts, it wouldn’t be wrong to call Amreen Malhotra an Instagram star. In the years to come, the influencer looks forward to becoming an actress. All we can say is that the girl has the potential to turn her dreams into reality. Do not you think?

John C. Dent