Grand Prairie company combines coffee and video games

GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas – Drip Café and Arcade in Grand Prairie is the mule of cafes: business in the front and party in the back.

“We like to have a good time,” owner Jai Katley said.

Kately quit her corporate job to open the Drip Café last year and he didn’t just want to sell good coffee, he wanted to sell good time.

That’s why, after having a drink in the front, you can play games in the back.

It has all the latest technology: from Xbox to PlayStation 5 to Oculus. Game stations can be rented for a small fee.

Kately says no matter who you are or what you like, you are welcome here.

“Everyone is welcome here,” Kately said. “Here, we offer diversity, we spark conversation. We want to create a space where everyone can come to the Drip Café. Whether you’re here for the games or here for the coffee, you can come here and be yourself.

People love that it’s such a diverse place, but they also really love the coffee.

Kately’s drinks, like the Dripachino, have received rave reviews.

Some clients have even asked him to expand beyond Grand Prairie.

“And I just like to say we’re exactly where we need to be.”

Which means if you want to visit the only combination arcade cafe in North Texas, you have to go to Drip Café and Arcade.

For more information, visit their website.

John C. Dent