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Rural Donegal businesses can increase their audience size tenfold, thanks to digital marketing technologies such as virtual reality and 360 ° video, according to Digi2Market. The EU program has launched a new campaign offering free marketing and networking support to rural and small-scale businesses.

The campaign is also organizing a #ruralbusiness day on social media on Wednesday 19e January. The launch of Donegal took place online yesterday by Mícheál Ó Duibhir of Údarás Na Gaeltachta, Ghaoth Dobhair.

In the last row, from left to right: Micheál Ó Duibhir, Údaras na Gaeltachta; Dr Petri Raivo, President of the Karelian University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Risto Salminen, Karelian University of Applied Sciences, Finland; Davíð Jóhannsson, Association of the North West Region, Iceland; Dr. Lasse Okkonen, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.
In the first row, from left to right: Seán Ó Coisdealbha, Údarás na Gaeltachta and the coordinator of the Digi2Market program; Alison McGonagle, Westbic; Dr Helen Jackson, University of Ulster; Jennifer Ni Riain, daras na Gaeltachta; Sveinbjörg Rut Pétursdóttir, Association of the North West Region, Iceland; Marja-Liisa Ruotsalainen, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

“The #ruralbusiness day / lá # gnótuaithe – aims to highlight the role that small businesses play in regional economies. They create jobs and support sports and associations. So our bilingual #ruralbusiness day / lá # gnótuaithe gives everyone a chance to show their appreciation for these rural entrepreneurs.

Údarás is the main partner of the EU’s Immersive Technology Program. Mícheál says rural businesses can feel isolated and struggle to reach larger markets.

“Digi2Market helps them use immersive technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality to boost their marketing efforts and reach a wider audience. It also gives them a way to connect and network online with businesses across Europe.

Alison McGonagle of the WestBIC Business and Innovation Center – another partner in the program says any business in the EU is eligible to enroll in the program. “However, we are focusing on rural and small-scale businesses. We help them identify the latest technologies to market their business and put them into practice effectively. Lough Lannagh Holiday Village in Co Mayo, for example, has witnessed an explosion in its Facebook traffic, simply using 360 ° video.

Media research expert Dr Helen Jackson of the University of Ulster, another Digi2Market partner, says the results have been impressive. “Mobile phone applications and immersive technologies can transform the way people interact with tourist attractions like the Mussenden Temple in Co Derry. “

“By connecting physical and virtual spaces, visitors can explore the majestic clifftop location and learn about the music, art, legends and stories of the people who lived there hundreds of years ago. . And they do it with their phone in one hand and their feet firmly on the ground.

Digi2Market helped Finnish wellness services company Rantakylän Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos (RFH) reach new audiences with a 360 ° tour of their facilities. They also helped them set up an online store, which made it easier for customers to book and purchase their services.

In Iceland, Digi2Market’s partner is the development agency SSNV. They collaborated with the food processing company, Vörusmiðja Biopol, in a 360 virtual tour. “It gave potential customers a realistic visual idea of ​​what to expect when booking food processing services” , explains Sveinbjörg Rut Pétursdóttir of SSNV.

Mícheál Ó Duibhir says that Digi2Market also aims to help these small businesses connect with other businesses across Europe. “We have created an online space for you to meet companies from your sector and other sectors across the EU. “

Another key function of the Digi2Market campaign is to encourage small businesses to use more sustainable business practices. European expert Dr Lasse Okkonen, senior lecturer at the University of Karelia in Finland – another partner of Digi2Market – says using a green business model is not just about helping the environment .

“Companies that apply environmental management systems and environmental product declarations (EPDs) are more successful in public procurement of products and services. Indeed, they can better respond to increasingly stringent environmental and responsibility criteria. In addition, companies applying green economic models can better meet the expectations of stakeholders such as industrial partners. They provide transparency on the environmental impact of everything they do to create a product or service.

Small businesses and rural businesses that want to register for the Digi2Market program for free can do so directly from their website here.

Digi2Market is an EU funded project under the Interreg Northern Periphery and Artic program. The project partners are Údarás na Gaeltachta & WestBIC from Ireland, ICBAN and Ulster University from Northern Ireland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences from Finland and SSNV (Business Development Agency) from Iceland.

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