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An experiment conducted by the HootSuite team appears to have scaled up by making content videos shorter, grabbing most of the user’s attention within a certain amount of time.

The commonly used social media platform, TikTok, has been downloaded by over 689 million users worldwide. To get the maximum reach, you need to make sure you create the right length of content. You are probably familiar with the recent update to the ten-minute video upload limit on TikTok. I would suggest creators not to just focus on 10 minute videos and 3 minute videos, but rather stick to shorter content. The reason I say this is that the HootSuite team ran an experiment called the “Seven-second Challenge” that reveals some exciting results. The original hypothesis statement claimed that videos of seven seconds and more text on TikTok seem to attract more engagement.

To perform this testing effort, there were mainly three main objectives. First, the videos could be based on random things like the stray dog ​​drinking water or someone enjoying a cruise party, or a little girl impersonating her parents. Second, the video must contain a relaxing or very popular soundtrack that the masses enjoy. And finally, the video should contain a lot of stuff in the form of long paragraphs that can be read within seven seconds.

Three videos of different formats were uploaded with the caption #sevensecondschallenge. The top one features Owly, featuring lots of text and music. Next was a productivity hack video and last was the poolside video explaining this whole challenge shortly. Analysis of the results reveals that the assumption was correct, as a seven-second video was able to attract more watch time than the average viewer. The Owly video received 50% view time while the second video got 100% engagement and the poolside video got 36% reach, likely because the video used an original audio clip and that the text was not very appealing.

So based on the experience above, I can say that, for now, the TikTok algorithm does not favor longer videos. Tiktok says that currently in the US, Canada, and UK, this longer video download feature does not show promising results in 99.99% of niches. If you want to get more engagement, don’t use sounds that don’t fit the format of the video you’re trying to create or aren’t trending in your niche, because if you don’t take advantage of the sounds that tend to your niche, you won’t get high reach and when you find a sound that works in your niche, keep using it again and again and you’re ready to upload your content.

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John C. Dent