Electric Feel Entertainment expands its management division into the digital arts space

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ELECTRIC FEEL ENTERTAINMENT has signed a co-management agreement for MASON ROTHSCHILD and AMBER PARK’s “I Like You, You’re Weird” with YCFU’s AMIR “CASH” ESMAILIAN, expanding their management footprint in the digital arts space. In the new partnership/

“I Love You, You’re Weird” is an online world of NFT collectibles that aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and support social justice causes, while fostering a sense of community. The project consists of 10,000 unique “WEIRDOS” made from natural earth materials. Each “WEIRDO” holder will be able to create actionable change for the planet by being able to help choose the charities and foundations to which the collective will contribute. Holders will also play a vital role in influencing in-person events and merchandise designs.

AUSTIN ROSEN, CEO of ELECTRIC FEEL, commented, “Expanding the management arm of ELECTRIC FEEL into the digital arts space has been a goal and MASON and AMBER are incredible leaders in this space, so this seemed like the most genuine partnership to get things started. We have the same creative vision when it comes to the future of Art, NFTs, and the Metaverse and I look forward to bringing their vision to life alongside CASH in our new partnership.

ESMAILIAN added, “One thing about me and AUSTIN is that we love bringing together creatives from different spaces to collaborate on music, art, and new ideas. It’s something I love about the NFT community, it brings people together. I look forward to being part of the “I love you, you’re weird” community with AMBER and MASON to help build it with them and AUSTIN.

PARK said, “It’s an exciting time for creatives. Teaming up with AUSTIN and CASH was a no-brainer as we were looking for a partnership that aligned with the same mission to not only disrupt and innovate in the NFT space, but also willing to take risks and build cultural bridges in the within the metaverse to IRL experiences in art, music, fashion, technology and culture. We were all aligned with what the potential of ILYYW represented not only as a creative enterprise, but more importantly, as a platform to educate, raise awareness and create change and to bring together and empower a diverse and inclusive community and give back. a voice at the outsiders, the outcasts – the weirdos. We are excited about what the future holds. This is only the beginning. I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on.

ROTHSCHILD continued, “Having AUSTIN and CASH alongside WEIRDOS just makes sense for the purposes of our socially oriented community. The real value they bring to the table allows us to scale beyond the norm of most NFT projects. »

ROTHSCHILD and PARK held an event yesterday, “I Like You”, at TERMINAL 27 in NEW YORK hosted by SIMIHAZE with DJ sets by PEGGY GOU and appearances by other special guests.

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John C. Dent