Do you like making videos and content online? Saskatchewan Creator Network is looking for young storytellers

What is the Creator Network?

The Creator Network is a group of CBC producers across the country who mentor and guide new digital storytellers as they create relevant and original content.

The goal is to bring more authentic and diverse stories to CBC platforms, including our websites, the GEM streaming service, local TV shows, news shows and other CBC departments. such as arts, life and aboriginals.

Samantha Don is a filmmaker in Winnipeg. In his new short film Clutter, created for CBC Manitoba’s Creator Network, Don tackles his junk piles and the anxiety they generate. (Alexandre Decebal-Cuza)

What are we looking for?

We are specifically looking for emerging content creators to make short videos (5 minutes and less) for audiences aged 18 to 30.

Content creators can be writers, filmmakers, vloggers, photographers, journalists, artists, hosts, foodies, or anyone else with a compelling idea and visual plan for brilliant and bold content.

We want creators to tell stories through their own lens, and we will license and pay for the content.

The content should be video based, but can also include other processing including web stories, animations, audio features, tutorials, explanations, photo essays, etc.

Here are some examples of Creator Network content from other parts of Canada.

Mackenzy Vida was part of a play produced by Nicole Mae, a poet and filmmaker from Regina, in collaboration with CBC’s Creator Network and CBC Saskatchewan. (Nicole Maé)

How to pitch us

If you’re a designer with a great idea, we want to hear from you.

Be sure to include details about your idea and how unique your perspective is.

Also think about what visuals you want to use, your timeline, your team, and what you hope the finished product will look like.

Send your pitch to the Saskatchewan Creators Network producer, [email protected]

Dancer, DJ, choreographer and teacher Maribeth (Kilusan) Tabanera turned to outdoor dancing in Winnipeg during the pandemic. CBC Manitoba’s Creator Network asked local artists to imagine their happiness ahead of the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. (Submitted by Maribeth (Kilusan) Tabanera)


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