DCS launches new website to help visitors find more videos, more guides, more information on model-based design and SPC

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DCS launches new website to help visitors learn more about QMS, CAD Design and SPC software

The 3DCS product suite…provides a comprehensive tolerance solution that can cover everything from sheet metal analysis to plastic molded parts, aircraft wing structures and massive fusion reactors”

—Dave Johnson, 3DCS Product Manager

AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN, USA, March 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dimensional Control Systems (DCS), a SANDVIK company, has revamped its website to provide focused content for each of its products while improving navigation

DCS is proud to announce the release of a new website. This new site contains two entirely dedicated subsites, each providing concentrated content for DCS’s two flagship software suites; 3DCS Variation Suite and QDM SPC Platform.

The new site is designed to guide visitors through the value, features, case studies and software tools of these quality solutions to inform key decisions on implementing digital transformation with CAD and the QMS. By creating a stronger customer journey, DCS seeks to inform investigating parties with answers to all of their questions, facilitating purchasing decisions and clearly exposing the value of their software.

“This new site is designed to help our potential and current customers find the information they need faster while providing answers to common questions about our tools,” said John Mathieson, President and CEO of DCS.

3DCS Variation Analyst is the premium simulation tool for dimensional analysis. As part of the DCS evolutionary solution, which contains 3DCS DVM, a unique assembly motion system for designers, and 3DCS MVM, a mechanical version of 3DCS, 3DCS Variation Analyst hosts a wide range of tools to simulate assemblies , processes, tooling, stack-ups, environments, functions, gears and dozens of other situations that can cause variations in a system.

With this breadth of features, it can be daunting for new users and survey engineers to figure out what’s possible. The new layout is designed to make it easier to understand the basic functions and value of 3DCS software, as well as advanced applications.

“The 3DCS product suite, which includes core systems and add-ons, provides a complete tolerance solution that can cover everything from sheet metal analysis to plastic molded parts, to aerospace wing structures. complete, and massive parts of ten thousand fusion reactors,” said Dave Johnson, 3DCS Product Manager. “As such, it can be difficult to clearly show where to start and the value customers are receiving. We’re always looking to improve our messaging and delivery to help customers determine how best to apply these tools and what kind of value they can expect. of their use.”

Building on this complexity of use, the QDM SPC platform is a customizable collection of quality modules that connect to create powerful quality management systems. With the huge amount of possible customizations and the large amount of functions provided, it can be difficult to provide a clear and simple understanding of the system. The new website provides an understanding of value, as well as recommended starter systems to help customers know where to start and what to expect.

Start reading now and watch all the videos, case studies, white papers, articles, plus 3DCS Variation Analyst and QDM SPC Platform on the newly revamped website, then connect with DCS for a free one-on-one interview with one of our engineers to see the software yourself.

About DCS

DCS has supported quality management in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, electronics and industrial machinery for over 20 years. DCS solutions are used daily by companies like Airbus, BMW, GM, LG, Nissan, Phillips, Sony, Textron Aviation and VW. By applying DCS’s 3D model-based environment for predictive variation analysis and reactive SPC, manufacturers have reduced quality costs associated with yield, scrap, rework and warranty issues. Learn more at https://www.3dcs.com.

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