Cybercriminals are spreading fake videos of Elon Musk on YouTube to promote fake cryptocurrency giveaways

A network of cybercriminals is hijacking YouTube accounts and spreading fake videos of Elon Musk to promote fake cryptocurrency giveaways. These videos are seen in droves.

One of the most common links to the website is, which prompts people to double their money by sending Bitcoin or Ethereum to advertised digital wallet addresses.

The scammers made $243,000 (£194,000) in just over a week. They are changing their names and displaying images of the chains to make them look like the official chains of Tesla, an American auto and clean energy company run by Elon Musk.

Youtube blocked these channels after being alerted and said, “We have strict community guidelines prohibiting scams, including impersonation and piracy.”

Tesla owner Elon Musk recently criticized video streaming platform “YouTube” for unnecessary advertisements on their platform. “YouTube seems to be non-stop scam ads,” Elon Musk tweeted on Tuesday.

Musk took aim at YouTube over the number of ads the platforms serve to viewers, calling it all a scam. Shortly after the tweet was posted, it got a lot of attention from the public. Fans accepted Musk and demanded that he buy YouTube in addition to his multi-million dollar Twitter deal.

Right after sharing his tweet, Musk shared a meme, criticizing YouTube for its ads and how the company responds when there’s an obvious scam all over its website.

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John C. Dent