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Last week, we played fantasy by imagining five video games entrusted to five different directors. Directors who, in our opinion, could be able to bring the atmosphere of these universes so appreciated by players around the world to the big screen. The biggest problem with current cinematic video game translations, in fact, is the inability to understand what the strengths of the original narrative are.

Cases where filmmakers have managed to maintain the atmosphere so dear to gamers are very rare. Cases like that of silent Hill which, in 2006, arrived at the cinema thanks to the hand of Christopher Gans, director known to the general public for The Pact of the Wolves. The transposition of the recorded work Konami it has everything a commercial operation of this genre should have: a good cast, a solid script and a masterful soundtrack. A result that can be achieved through the direct involvement of Akira Yamaoka, famous composer closely (but not exclusively) linked to the video game market.

We’re here today to continue that experience, hoping to spark your imagination as well. Like last time, we therefore invite you to let us know if you agree with our new list of five associations, which you can find below.

Alan Wake is a title which, since 2010, has charmed us with its great charm. Developed by the Finnish boys of Remedy Entertainment, this gripping supernatural thriller tells the story of a writer who finds himself trapped in a book he can’t remember writing. stay in the north ofEurope, our thoughts immediately turned to André Ovredal, Norwegian director of the magnificent Troll Hunter and more than discreet Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Although Alan Wake is set in the United States, the ability to Øvredal in the representation of the woods of the Norway could give the film a unique touch, far from the typical American transpositions.

Cinema and video games Bioshock

Regarding Bioshock, we admit to having partially cheated. In 2008, the magnificent work of Interactive Take-Two it was supposed to become a movie directed by Gore Verbinski. Film which in 2013 was canceled because the director of Pirates of the Caribbean it asked for a budget of 200 million dollars, facing an offer from the production company of “only” 80 million. Universalalso, he wanted a PG-13 film, to bring as many people as possible to the cinema. This brought it all to light about eight weeks into filming, much to the disappointment of all fans. This is why we would like to see the author of the ring And The wellness treatment realize Bioshock: why Verbinsky he had already understood the cost of creating a blockbuster and how to transpose a game with such dark tones to the cinema.

Call of Duty cinema and video games

call of Duty is undoubtedly one of the most famous series in the entire video game industry. Despite the wide variety of settings, over time we have learned to understand the strengths of the stories told by the underlying companies Activision. Stories full of spectacularity, explosions and characterized by situations bordering on realism. That is why, without a doubt, we would like it to be Michael Bay make a film about COD. Also, our choice of frame would fall on the “recent” modern warfare, capable of blending urban warfare sequences with stylish moments Impossible mission.

Cinema and video game psychonauts

Psychonauts 2 is undoubtedly one of the most interesting titles released in the last year. Developped by Double fine under the masterful direction of Tim Schaefer, the story tells Raz. Raz is a young man Psychonaut part of an agency that aims to probe the minds of potential criminals. So much madness that we would like to see it transposed to the screen by Taika Waititi, a director capable of mixing the humor of What we do in the shadows with the emotional power of JoJo Rabbit. Seeing the New Zealand author working on such a special animated film would be a dream. A dream that we hope will soon come true.

Cinema and video games Gears of War

We thought long and hard about who he might be the perfect director for. armament of war, series of video games mixing science fiction and horror. After careful consideration, our fantacasting fell back on David Twoy, American author famous for having given birth to field black and the series of films starring Riddick from Wine Diesel. The dark tones of his works, mixed with over-the-top action situations, seemed to us perfect for conveying the story of Marcus Fenix At the movie theater.

Or at least: that’s what we think.

What do you think about it? Do you agree with our proposals? Let us know your opinion with a comment below or, if you prefer, via the social pages of If you want to come and tell us yours live, we are waiting for you every day on the channel Tic from BadTasteItalia.

John C. Dent