Chipotle’s latest move will let you play video games to earn free burritos. This is how it works.

There’s no denying that the metaverse and its eventual growth will force big brands and chains to find creative ways to make their presence known in the virtual world.



Wendy’s, for example, recently launched “Wendyverse”, a 3D world in which consumers could walk around a virtual city using VR headsets and win sausages or bacon, eggs and cheese biscuits for only $1 just by visiting.

The key seems to be finding a way for consumers to earn real world rewards through virtual gaming, and Chipotle’s latest move into Web3 appears to be no different.

This week, the fast-casual chain launched Chipotle Burrito Builder on Roblox, a virtual game in the metaverse where fans of the brand can virtually roll their own burritos to earn Burrito Bucks, which can be redeemed for free burritos and more. other entries into the real world.

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“We leveraged play-to-win, an emerging engagement model in the metaverse, to launch our new experience on Roblox that celebrates the iconic Chipotle burrito,” Chief Marketing Officer Chris Brandt explained in a statement. business. “We blend the metaverse and real-world elements of our brand to take the Chipotle fan experience to a whole new level.”

The 90s-themed game will transport players to the first-ever Chipotle restaurant where they can customize their experience by choosing their own uniform before the mad rush of customers enters and they have to start filling orders.

Players will earn Burrito Bucks for each burrito they successfully build, which can eventually be redeemed for free food in the chain.

Chipotle’s concept is pretty clever – it allows customers who aren’t necessarily familiar with the metaverse to acclimate to the new world in a fun and familiar way by making the brand experience a video game that offers rewards from the real world.

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The channel will also allow loyalty members to redeem Rewards points for Roblox gift cards (100 Rewards points will equal a $5 Roblox gift card or 400 Robux3) in an effort to maintain flow between the metaverse and the physical world.

The new Burrito Builder experience isn’t Chipotle’s first attempt with Roblox.

Last October, the chain launched Chipotle Boorito Maze, where customers could visit a virtual Chipotle location on Roblox to receive an offer code for free food as well as the chance to walk through a virtual maze and try virtual costumes selected for Halloween.

It looks like the chain of fast-casual is finding its way into Web3 – virtual fun that translates into free food. The brand’s latest rollout of a gaming experience with the Burrito Builder gives customers an even more interactive way to experience Chipotle in the metaverse.

Chipotle was up 0.18% in premarket trading on Friday.

John C. Dent