Swiss loan over 3500 Euro

A Swiss loan of 3500 euros is very popular with many Germans. This is partly because this loan can be awarded without credit bureau information. While interest rates are slightly higher for such a loan, the benefits outweigh many. Thus, for a Swiss loan of 3500 euros, only an income is required, which is about 80 euros above the attachment exemption limit. Lending is not the responsibility of a Swiss bank but of Soulcredit Bank in Liechtenstein. All persons who are interested in a Swiss loan can apply there. This does not just apply to a € 3,500 loan, but also to other loan amounts.

credit conditions

credit conditions

Even if Soulcredit Bank does not request any information from credit bureau, this does not mean that a loan would be available for everyone. Whoever claims this is dubious. Rather, the prospective borrower must meet a number of requirements that are very helpful in getting to know in advance.

Soulcredit Bank has only one chance at a credit bureaufreien credit, who has a fixed income. This income may come from a civil servant or employee activity. For self-employed and freelancers no Swiss credit over 3500 Euro is possible. Also, for all other groups of people who have no permanent employment and no regular income, borrowing will not be possible. These include unemployed and Hartz IV recipients as well as apprentices, housewives or students. However, all these people would have a chance if they could find a guarantor or a co-applicant. For this person, however, it is imperative that they meet the credit requirements.

Soulcredit Bank has set an amount of 1150 euros as the minimum income. This amount is about 80 euros above the currently valid attachment exemption limit and therefore leaves enough room for maneuver to pay the regular loan installments for the Swiss loan of 3500 euros. In addition, the bank can only rely on the salary of the borrower as collateral for significant arrears, if the salary has a seizable amount. Impoorable amounts must not be attacked. They serve solely to secure the livelihood. This is precisely the reason why people with too little, irregular or missing income can not receive a Swiss loan over 3500 Euro. Although this loan amount is small compared to many other loans, repayment can often become an insurmountable problem for low-income individuals.

In addition to income, other requirements for a Swiss loan must be met. It is all about the personal conditions. So the German citizenship must be present and the age of majority reached. In addition, a permanent residence is a condition for a loan approval. The minimum age for a Swiss loan is 18 years and the maximum age is 62 years. Older people can only get a Swiss loan of 3500 Euro if they can name a younger and solvent sponsor or a second applicant.

Credit conditions

Credit conditions

Basically, a Swiss loan can be applied for alone or through a credit intermediary. If you opt for the latter, you typically expect additional fees to be charged to the credit intermediary. This is fine, but fees should not be calculated in advance. This would be a sign that you have come across a dubious credit intermediary. Reputable credit intermediaries only charge the fees after a credit commitment has been made. You should always keep this in mind and in case of doubt look around for another credit broker or go looking for a Swiss loan of 3500 Euro.
Nor is it necessary for you to enter into a home savings or life insurance policy to obtain a Swiss loan. Soulcredit Bank does not demand this and even a private credit intermediary should not approach you with such claims. This would also be a sign that the credit intermediary is not serious and is interested only in his own profit, but not in a credit intermediation.

The loan amount is 3500 Euro. It can be used freely if it is a installment loan. Alternatively, a car loan is available that can be used to pay for a new car. This can be a new or a used car of your choice. For other consumer goods, a car loan may not be used.
The term is uniformly regulated for a Swiss loan of € 3,500. It is 42 months. During this time, a total of 40 repayment installments are due for the loan. These rates are distributed evenly over the individual months. Two months are redemption-free. They are at the beginning of the loan term and immediately after the loan is paid out.

Interest rates on a Swiss loan over € 3,500 are usually higher than interest on other loans. This is because the credit default risk is higher not only for this loan but for all non-scholl-type loans than for loans where the bank checks both the credit bureau information and the income. This should be remembered in any case. On the other hand, a Swiss credit guarantees a high level of anonymity. You can have the credit amount transferred to your current account at the house bank. This is not a must. A transfer to another account is possible as well as a transfer by courier or a cash payment, which is usually made at the post office. Also for the repayment you have several options, from which you can choose the suitable options for you.
If you wish, you can choose the direct debit of the monthly installments from your checking account. You can also transfer the installments yourself. You can do this at the bank or at the post office by paying in cash. However, it must always be clear in advance how the loan should be paid out and repaid. This will then be recorded in the loan agreement.

Similar to a German loan, a Swiss loan of more than 3500 Euros also means that you should comply with the agreements you have made. Otherwise, you can remind the bank and, in the case of larger arrears, obtain a seizure of your salary amounts that exceed the attachment exemption limit.

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