Real Estate Loan Insurance Worker

As a laborer (laborer, skilled or specialized), you practice a profession considered by the majority of home loan insurers as a risky occupation. You will be asked to answer specific questions about your profession.


  • The worker loan insurance questionnaire
  • The solution for your real estate credit insurance worker
  • Testimony of a metallurgist for his insurance borrower:

The worker loan insurance questionnaire

worker loan

Here are the important questions asked of a worker (whatever his sector) to secure his loan:

– What types of machines do you work on?
– Are you exposed to hazardous materials such as asbestos?
– Have you ever been the victim of a professional accident?

From your answers, the companies will evaluate your professional risk and give you the choice: an agreement at the normal rate, an agreement with exclusions and / or premiums, or a refusal.

The solution for your real estate credit insurance worker


Specialized in risky trades, Réassurez-moi offers you credit insurance contracts that do not apply any premiums or exclusions to your profession of worker. If you already have a borrower insurance, we can help you change your home loan insurance and find a more suitable contract for your profession. If you are looking for insurance for a future loan, you can do a mortgage insurance simulation here.

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