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Omicron has arrived in Australia and dominated the 24-hour news cycle this week. If you’re not sure what that means, or need to panic, laugh, or cry about this news (or a combination of all of it), then we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the Omicron variant of COVID-19. But if you want to feel a little better in the world right now, here are our favorite wellness videos of the week. For the past two years, patients in Tasmanian Palliative Care Services have been treated regularly by Tilly, the six-year-old royal schnauzer. The adorable puppy is a favorite with staff and patients alike at Launceston hospice care facilities, and his commitment to the cause has been recognized with a Tasmanian Palliative Care Award. Although not for the prices that she or her owner, Edwina Colvin, offered. “People who have had dogs often and love dogs but have grown older miss having a pet around them,” Ms. Colvin said. “It is a comfort that they have an animal that is relaxed and happy around them.” December 2 marked 110 years since explorer Sir Douglas Mawson’s fateful trip to Cape Denison, Antarctica. In tribute to the occasion, a group of Australian conservationists returned to what Mawson described as “the windiest place on earth”, to carry out work on the remaining wooden huts left by the ‘1911-1914 expedition. Now listed as a heritage site, the huts have remained largely intact since Mawson left, but due to frequent snowstorms the outpost has not been visited for six years. Environmentalists, of course, are hoping for better conditions over the next five weeks as they attempt the restorations. Sir Mawson is best known for his lonely trek through the ice cap after two companions died on a toboggan trip. He returned to the hut to see his rescue ship sail north over the horizon, leaving it stranded for another year. Yet he lived to tell the tale – and one of the greatest exploration stories ever! Passing themselves off as Australia’s “scrub choir,” healthcare workers at Royal Melbourne Hospital collaborated with other professionals around the world to release a cover of It’s A Wonderful World. Over 900 healthcare professionals from the UK, Ireland, Norway and Japan attended. It follows on from their previous releases and the success of Count on Me, I’ll Stand by You, We Wish You and Gratitude the Scrub Choir. Dr Emma O’Brien, head of RMH Music Therapy and Scrub Choir master, said the business was a way “to use the power of music for our own mental health and well-being.” If any of them are ever looking for a career change – you know, if saving the world and being a general hero isn’t hard enough – then we’re pretty sure they’d be welcome on n ‘ any scene. It’s been another crazy week of weather, so as a bonus this week, here are some of our favorite storm videos. When Taree, NSW was hit by storms this week, reporters from the Manning River Times braved the savage onslaught to capture the rolling clouds. These are gorgeous images and worth getting soaked – we say, because we stay nice and dry in our offices. Not to be outdone, in Ballarat, journalists from Victoria du Courrier captured the growing storm as the state prepared to be whipped by the wildest weather. These clouds look ominous and awe-inspiring at the same time, and that’s what we are here for.



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