A musical experience | Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival releases three videos – Times-Standard

The Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival – which has performed several times in Humboldt County over the years – recently released three videos featuring performances by several of its participating artists.

“Watch all three in a row, and you have a nice little concert experience,” said Ian Scarfe, founder and director of the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival.

The first video, a nine-minute work performed by Stephen Fine on viola and Scarfe on piano, features three songs from the “Asturiana” collection, arrangements of Spanish, Argentine and Cuban art songs (https://www. .youtube.com/watch?v=kviZB7gc9AI).

Next, violinist Philip Brezina, Fine and Scarfe play “Love Theme” from the movie “Cinema Paradiso”. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjM9kwI9P_I). The final video, featuring James Jaffe on cello and Scarfe, features George Gershwin’s tune “Someone to Watch Over Me”. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uxcr6v_7oCs)

For over a decade, the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival has been providing free concerts, livestreams and videos to the public (donations accepted), with a mission to bring classical chamber music to people around the world and create new music lovers along the way.

The three new videos began when a call went out to each of the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival musicians asking if they would like to contribute music to the project.

“Viola player Stephen Fine had been working on a collection of arrangements of Spanish and Argentine songs, so it was a natural fit,” Scarfe said. “Violinist Philip Brezina recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign where the most generous backers were allowed to ‘request a melody’ for a recording project, and so he wanted to use that time to produce something (“Love Theme “) for a special supporter.”

These videos, he said, were made for several reasons.

“During some of our artist residencies, we were unable to present in-person concerts (due) to the pandemic environment. The festival has always wanted to help create great music and keep musicians busy with a paid work. So we turned some of these “tours” into “studio sessions” where all of our musicians had access to festival recording equipment. These (new videos) were recorded either at the Hyampom Community Hall – where our retreats in Trinity County – being my home in San Francisco, where much of our rehearsals and live streams take place in the Bay Area.

He added: “It’s always a pleasure to watch these recordings – from the sensual and expressive tones of ‘Asturiana’, to the heartwarming schmaltz of ‘Love Theme’, to the wacky feeling of two classical musicians improvising through an old Gershwin tune It’s a lot of fun, which is really what music should be.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival has relied on online resources to pursue its musical mission.

“We’ve really built quite a following with our live streamed ‘Digital Concert Series’. It’s heartening that even now, two years into the pandemic, audiences are still listening to our streamed concerts in huge numbers” , said Scarfe. “We have also had good experiences with in-person concerts, including outdoor programs in Trinity County and the Bay Area, and safe reopenings at some of our favorite venues. , such as the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka.”

To find out more about the Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival or to donate, go to https://www.trinityalpscmf.org/.

John C. Dent