98 Best Video Games of All Time Ranked

When it was released in 2000, there were no other games like “The Sims”. While gamers probably shouldn’t have been allowed to play the game as kids, it was an inescapable part of many gamers’ lives, a portal to more complex, story-driven titles. Many Maxis-produced “Sim” titles came before “The Sims,” ​​allowing players to build towns, species, and yes, even ant colonies. However, “The Sims” puts players in charge of real-life people.

While players could choose to give their Sims their free will, allowing them to go to the bathroom and eat on their own, they could also take that will away just as easily, forcing Sims to rely on their omnipresent god to get permission to complete even the simplest tasks. That kind of power can be intoxicating, and gamers helped make “The Sims” a hit, leading to other games in the series that improved on the formula.

“The Sims” allowed players to imagine their own stories, their own worlds, and it also worked as a pretty nifty architectural tool. In many ways, “The Sims” felt like a virtual dollhouse, giving players the ability to create and recreate homes and individuals as they pleased – if they had the Simoleons, of course.

  • Release date: February 4, 2000
  • Genre: life simulator
  • Game Modes: A player
  • Metacritical score: 92 (CP)

John C. Dent