8 Scariest Serial Killers In Video Games

Just like horror movies, the best horror games have also given fans memorable and terrifying serial killers over the years. Some of these murderers were new creations, but fans were also able to find their favorite serial killers from popular movie franchises.

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Players love serial killer games because these often petrifying stories also come with great twists, fun world-building, and hard-to-solve mysteries that keep players engaged throughout the game. Players don’t necessarily have to play with a gory horror game to still have a big mystery and chase down an iconic serial killer, because non-horror games can be just as thrilling as any gory horror game.

8 Eddie Low (Grand Theft Auto 4)

Eddie Low is Grand Theft Auto 4the evil serial killer which makes the game more dangerous and exciting at the same time. It is well known that GTA has excellent mini-games, beautiful design and an exciting and threatening world full of criminals.

Eddie is one of its craziest characters trying to kill Niko Bellic, the protagonist and player character of GTA 4. Although this single player action game is not the scariest serial killer game that fans can play, but it’s one with a great story and gritty characters, set in one of the coolest environments in town.

seven The Zodiac Killer (Watch Dogs 2)

Watch Dogs 2 is a dynamic open-world game that features multiple main and side missions. Players can step into the shoes of Marcus Holloway, a talented hacker who wants to take down CTOS 2.0 using his wits and the game’s many cool and useful weapons. It is a third-person perspective game and takes place in the beautiful city ​​of San Francisco.

Its scariest DLC exclusive mission has fans chasing after the infamous Zodiac Killer who has just resurfaced after fifty long years. It’s not a particularly scary mission, but it’s a fun mission with lots of details, including the fact that the Zodiac Killer actually looks like what real witnesses described to police in the 60s.

6 Garrett Mason (LA Noire)

The black is a brilliant detective video game set in the 1950s that has a dark, gritty vibe. Thanks to its great cases, unique gameplay, and interesting characters, it has quickly become one of the most beloved fan-favorite games in Los Angeles, allowing its players to get deeply invested in the story.

Players can step into the shoes of Detective Cole Phelps, an ambitious member of the Los Angeles Police Department. One of the most interesting things about the game is that many of its cases are inspired by true crimes and serial killers and the scariest of them is the murder of Black Dahlia. Players will have to solve the most infamous murders of the 50s and put Garret behind bars.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most critically acclaimed action role-playing video games with fantastic visuals and interesting characters, set in a fascinating fantasy world. The player character is the Dragonborn who goes on a quest to slay the dragon that is prophesied to end the world.

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This iconic game also features thrilling and dark quests and one of its best is “Blood on the Ice” thanks to its brutal serial killer and main antagonist The Butcher. This barbaric but powerful murderer has killed and maimed young women to harvest their body parts and no one else can stop him but the Dragonborn.

4 Scissorman (Clock Tower)

Clock towerThe terrifying Scissorman helped this vintage survival horror game become one of the most iconic games with serial killers. Although the gameplay might feel slow for those used to modern adventure games, this classic still has a scary side. resident Evil-like atmosphere and requires players to use their detective skills to stay alive long enough and solve the mystery.

Clock tower has nine multiple endings which are named in alphabetical order and fans can also choose from five playable characters. The story takes place in the Clocktower mansion belonging to Simon Barros who adopts four orphans. The serial killer Scissorman from the story will randomly appear and come out of surprising places to attack and kill the player with his gigantic scissors.

3 The Origami Killer (Heavy Rain)

Heavy rain is one of the scariest decision-based interactive thriller games with a scary serial killer called The Origami Killer. This ruthless murderer of children drowns his victims by leaving them in the sewers during heavy rains.

This spooky but atmospheric game has four playable characters including a private detective, an FBI agent, a journalist and a father whose son has just been kidnapped by this ruthless serial killer. Players will need to find and solve clues before Ethan’s son is found dead.

2 The Raincoat Killer (Deadly Premonition)

deadly premonition Not only has one of the scariest serial killers, but it’s also one of the longest running horror games out there. It’s a cozy open-world survival horror game with a great story inspired by David Lynch twin peaks series.

Players can take on the role of a detective called Francis York, who must investigate The Raincoat Killer in a fictional rural town called Greenvale. York will have to catch this now iconic video game serial killer who believes that if he consumes the town’s special red seeds and kills four people, he will become immortal.

1 Ghostface (Dead by Deadlight)

One of Dead in broad daylightThe most iconic killers in horror franchises have to be Ghost Face. This spooky multiplayer horror game is not just for horror movie fans but for anyone who loves a good scare.

One lucky player will take on the role of Ghost Face, the infamous serial killer while the other four players will be the survivors who must avoid being tortured and killed. This competitive survival game has a great vibe and since it’s one of the few that allows players to play, killer fans can finally become the killers of their favorite stories.

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