7 Video Games To Get Totally Free This Weekend On PC & Consoles, Featuring Vintage, Alien Beings & More

It’s Friday, it’s time to check which titles we will be able to play at price 0 in the main points of sale.

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Week rich in research and releases, including titles eagerly awaited by the general public like Aways Cry 6 and Metroid Dread, which also allowed us to be better informed about the new Nintendo Transfer (OLED Fashion), but also days anniversary party, where UbiSoft celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Ghost Recon by offering PC users the unique crafting. Simply an instance of the must-have video games to watch and buy this weekend.

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From the hand of Long Hat Space and Uncooked Fury, we discover Dandara: Trials of Concern Version, a 2D metroidvania-style platformer packed with mystical creatures to defeat and an international to discover without limits for Xbox Are living Gold and Xbox subscribers. Recreation Move. The final will be reviewed throughout this weekend.

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“Japanese Europe, 2008. The battle has broken out on the borders of Russia and the fate of the sector strikes by a thread. Does this sound familiar to you? Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon takes position on this global, the first part of a saga which has just been presented in battle-royale and which for its twentieth anniversary can also be yours with Ubisoft Attach more practical this weekend. In addition, Ubisoft also offers different elements in the form of DLC for lovers of the collection.

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The fighting games of Naruto and the rest of the manga characters have had too productive a time in the releases, leaving us among their proposals this Naruto in Boruto: Shinobi Striker where they compete with groups of 4. This can now be attempted on Xbox Live the days of free gold play.

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Epic Games Store wants to show us how to build our own laptop, and for that, what better approach to be informed than to enjoy, with PC Construction Simulator, a simulator where you diagnose, restore and build custom PCs while taking the reins of business. ‘a rich digital industry dedicated to these and other tasks.

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From the author of XCOM that we discovered this weekend on Steam to experience Phoenix Level for free, a tactical movement RPG presented a year ago on PC where again players, as part of a secret group, must prevent the toes of an alien race that has invaded Earth with devastating sanctions.

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Inside the Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Recreation Move Final Loose Play days, we can find a way this week to take back the reins of a small colonial deal to show it right in a crowded service provider town in Port Royale 4. , the latest installment in a collection of techniques from veterans where naval battles abound.

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In the final, how about a little baseball? Thanks to Steam, there would be the alternative to get and try Tremendous Mega Baseball 3, a simulator of this game to calm down and hit a house through available sports mechanics in which those who are in prizes have put a lot of attention for you to keep, with a number of sports modes.

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7 games to download for free this weekend on pc and consoles, featuring a classic, aliens and more

If some of these adventures are not worth it, at 3DJuegos we are also reviewing the October set of free video games for PC, PlayStation and Xbox subscribers in addition to Google’s Stadia Professional operator. Don’t neglect to test it.

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