5 of the best video games from a single developer

The majority of video games we play are usually developed by a team of creators. However, there has been a change in the gaming world, with the rebirth of indie gaming in full swing. Some indie games are, in fact, developed by one person. While making a game independently is no easy task, these developers have managed to create some of the best games through their hard work and dedication.

Top 5 indie games with a single developer

The gaming world is constantly changing and new developments take place every day. Online games are also increasingly popular. You can find out more about this page.

Over the years, many developers have released games that have been designed and developed independently. One person has created some of the popular games you play every day. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1) Subtitle

Undertale game

When we think of indie games, the first that comes to mind is Undertale. The game, which has become extremely popular in recent years, was independently developed by Toby Fox. The game featured an intricate storyline and charming, effortless art style. What gamers liked the most about this game were its memorable characters, adorable music, and thrilling combat system.

According to online sources, the game took almost three years to develop. It all started with a crowdfunding campaign, with the help of which Fox was able to raise 1000% more than the original goal. Some of the artistic elements of the game were provided by Temmie Chang, but other than that it was created only by Toby Fox.

2) light memory

Bright memory game

Bright Memory is probably the closest game to a studio-grade AAA quality game in the list of games developed by one person. The game was developed by Zeng ‘FYQD’ Xiancheng, who worked on the game in his spare time. This 3D game offers high quality graphics and excellent gameplay. The first person shooter featured brilliant visuals that make the hack and slash action look realistic. Although the gameplay is a bit tricky, Bright Memory has proven to be an extremely addicting game.

The game was developed with the help of Unreal Engine 4, which is ideal for creating refined 3D games. Currently, only one episode of Bright Memory has been released, with the remaining episodes still in development.

3) Minecraft

How to bake a cake in minecraft

It would be surprising if all Minecraft gamers found out that the game was originally developed by a single developer. Currently, Minecraft is owned by Microsoft and has approximately 140 million assets players around the world. However, the original game was developed by Marcus ‘Notch’ Persson in 2009. Infiniminate inspired the game, and Persson started it as a personal project. He wanted to design a game that added more RPG elements to Infiniminate. After a while, he found his own video game company called Mojang to further develop the game.

The uniqueness of the game is that it is procedurally generated. This means that a different world is created for each player, with different biomes, mountains and valleys, and other arrangements.

4) Thomas was alone

Thomas was alone, single developer games

This game was designed and developed by Mike Bithell. It was originally released as a flash browser game after which it moved on to PCs, smartphones, PS 3 and 4, and Xbox One. The game features rich storytelling with a deceptively simple puzzle.

Mike Bithell had participated in a 24 hour game jam, which led to the birth of Thomas Was Alone. After the game jam was over, he finished game development with the help of Unity, which is a free engine for game development.

5) History of the cave

History of the cave

Cave Story was designed and developed by Daisuke Pixel Amaya. In 2004 it was released on PC, after which it was ported to Switch and Nintendo DSi. He created all aspects of Cave Story, from its art, music, history and programming. Development of the game is said to have taken five years, after which it gained popularity in Japan.


This is not the end of the list of how to develop video games, as there are many great ones like Stardew Valley, Axiom Verge, Iconoclasts, and Lone Survivor which were developed by independent developers. While most of these games were developed by one person, there were some that had a few finishing touches added by someone else. Many of these developers also started their own studios after their games became popular.

John C. Dent