10 Wild Spinoff Video Games With Famous Characters, Ranked By Metacritic

Spin-off games from various titles aren’t particularly new. From simple puzzle-based titles to multiplayer racing games featuring famous faces in the gaming industry, these games have been around since the late 80s and are generally enjoyable departures from the series they come from. . That being said, there are plenty of spinoffs that put their main characters or franchises in some pretty wild situations.

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To put them in MinecraftFrom style open worlds to smash them into spheres and place them in pinball machines, some spin-off games have a range from the quirky to the bizarre. Sometimes these hybrids are works of art, but sometimes you just have to play them to believe them.

ten Link’s Crossbow Training (68)

Link's Crossbow Training is a shooter derived from Zelda.

While it was a bit gimmicky, Link’s Crossbow Training on the Wii was a nice way to kill some time. That being said, a rail-shooter in the land of Hyrule is a concept that feels downright alien in a fantasy realm known for its magic, princesses, and deep dungeons.

Archery is part of Link’s skill set, but it seems slightly morphed into a spin-off game that feels more like a massive mini-game or arcade title than an actual separate title. It’s not a bad game, but it won’t get much playing time.

9 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (72)

A killer clown holds an ax in Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

There are ways to make good rail shooters, and blood rush is good, but the game it stems from is definitely not one that many gamers would expect to see such a title bearing its hallmark. Until dawn is a story-heavy horror game with truly gruesome scenes and outcomes. It doesn’t really feel like a game where players shoot evil clowns on a roller coaster.

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It still retains a slight dash of psychological horror seen in the original title, but having a carnival shooter in something like Until dawn would be like having a dating simulator with the cast of Five nights at Freddy’s. It’s a bit absurd.


8 Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix (74)

Mickey Mouse plays turntable in DDR Disney Mix

Disney is no stranger to bizarre games, but crossing over with the dance dance revolution franchise feels good out of left field. Especially since they could have very easily created their own dance pad game without venturing into another franchise. DDR is already loaded with weird characters and visuals, so seeing Mickey and Donald in the mix feels a bit forced.

The title offers exactly what players are probably expecting, a dancing game with Disney characters and music involved. It’s not a terrible spinoff, but it’s a weird case of “what you see is what you get”.

seven Typing of the dead (75)

Quick grab is the only way to kill zombies in this addictive game.

Zombies are a very malleable and adaptable species of monster, and they have been incorporated into a variety of games, from turn-based strategy titles to tower defense games with colorful cartoon plants. But a typing instructor fused with one of the gnarliest horror shooters doesn’t exactly sound like something that would work.

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Typing of the dead is a Sega spin-off house of death where a precise strike helps the player fight their way through hordes of zombies in a spooky mansion. It’s as gruesome and gory as any zombie game should be, but it’s not exactly a common hybrid of genres.

6 Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (74)

Explain the complexities and thought patterns that go into understanding the Kingdom Hearts The series would be a feat on its own, but even a rhythm game feels really odd among this hodgepodge of different elements. In a series whose games include a mobile RPG, card-collecting battle, and other convoluted formulas, a music-based title feels oddly odd.

Take a page or two of Guitar Hero’s Playbook, the game allows players to navigate a musical track and interact with notes from memorable compositions from the Disney/Square series. If fans enjoy the music, rhythm-based gameplay, or just need a dose of Disney, the appeal is definitely there.

5 Gwynt (80)

Geralt plays Gwent with an NPC in The Witcher 3

In a story-heavy hack-and-slash RPG series, a deck-building card battle game really shouldn’t be something that happens right away. the Witcher larger themes. What started life as a mini-game for a series of side quests in wild hunt soon got its own individually released spin-off title.

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Although it lacks the epic story and open world of its inspiration, it develops the minigame and creates a card-based strategy game that warps your brain. Since there’s an audience for everything, the spinoff has definitely racked up its fair share of fans.

4 Dragon Quest builders (83)

A blue-clad hero stands against a hill in Dragon Quest Builders

dragon quest is a series that helped define the JRPG genre, as well as video game RPGs as a whole, but it’s also no stranger to spin-off titles. Although it has had more than a few spin-off games that fall into the RPG genre, a Minecraft-inspired crafting game seems a bit random.

It comes with high marks, but to say it wasn’t jumping on a bandwagon would be wrong. That being said, it does the builder-themed genre surprisingly well as it sprinkles in RPG-inspired combat and progression to keep things interesting. While Skeletons and Slimes might be a bit less hostile than Creepers, crafting and building are given a colorful new life.

3 Cadence of Hyrule (85)

Cadence of Hyrule Link Ice Cane

Cadence of Hyrule is the result of a combination of game like mangoes and chili powder, two items that don’t seem like they should work, and yet they do. A rhythm-based dungeon-crawler is like randomizing different game themes, but by Zelda crossing with Crypt of the Necrodancer is more than just a genre experience.

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The Legend of Zelda the games have dungeon crawling down to a science, and merging with the rhythm-fueled series gives it a unique flavor that will satisfy both camps of fans. Watching Octoroks and Skeletons dance across the gridded screen as heroes fight their way through dungeons is certainly satisfying.

2 Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids (85)

Mario + Rabbids

Mario and the Rabbids represent two franchises that never seem to cross paths, not even in the Smash Bros. Games. But the union of these two sets of unlikely characters has put a goofy turn-based fighting game into the hands of Switch owners everywhere.

Nintendo’s portly plumber is no stranger to spin-off titles, especially sports games, but fights alongside the shrieking, screaming Rabbids in a XCOM-The style strategy and fighting game looks really weird. That being said, it works like a charm and proves to be a balanced mix of cerebral teasing strategy and jaw-dropping absurdity.

1 The Beatles rock band (89)

The Beatles sing Sgt Pepper in Beatles Rock Band

Musicians getting their own sets isn’t a strange practice, and everyone from Aerosmith to Michael Jackson has at least one title under their belt, so it’s no surprise the Fab Four have their own interpretation. in Rock band. But if fans expected to play Beatles songs in iconic concert halls as a famous band, they would only be half right.

The game’s storyline essentially follows the best of the Beatles’ career, from the cavern to the rooftop of Apple Studios, but it also features a selection of dreamscapes inspired by their more psychedelic songs. The chapters spanning 1966-1969 are a Magical Mystery Tour of trippy footage that any Beatles fan will love.

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