10 Non-RPG Anime Video Games Fans Wish Were Real

Anime titles receive a good number of video game adaptations that provide players with the opportunity to play alongside beloved characters. Anime games span multiple genres, from combat to action and adventure, and incorporate a mix of video game features. Adapting popular anime on different generations of game consoles ensures that fans have access to the virtual worlds of anime.

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While anime games frequently engage in the role-playing genre, some of the most engaging anime game titles exist in other forms of content. The worlds that these titles describe are able to capture the attention of fans and capture the attributes that give them popularity.

ten Attack On Titan: Wings of Freedom offers freedom of movement

Gameplay of Eren fighting the Colossal Titan

The game Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom fit the world of The attack of the Titans in a hack and slash adventure that focuses on the fight against the Titans. Players take control of The attack of the Titans main characters and survive against groups of enemies in new scenarios.

The game’s maneuver gear system provides freedom of movement in the environment that allows players to attack from multiple directions. Although the Titans pose a mortal danger to humans, the ability to fly through the air and knock objects back creates a thrilling concept of real life.

9 Ace Attorney dramatizes the courtroom

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the ace lawyer The game series features a novel visual adventure game that guides players through the role of a defense attorney in various court cases. ace lawyer requires players to examine evidence and interview witnesses to prove their client’s innocence. Despite the game’s legal framework, the over-dramatization of court proceedings provides a comedic experience.

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Although real-life legal battles are stressful, ace lawyerit is a constant series of unnecessary facial expressions, gestures, and shouts add entertainment to the game’s verbal battle. The over-the-top theatrics of the gameplay would turn the law’s tense atmosphere into a thrilling battle of wits.

8 Guilty Gear depicts a fantasy environment

Ky Kiske and Giovanna

the Guilty Equipment A series of fighting games introduce players to a fantastic environment and a new cast of characters. Each character uses specific combat abilities that players use strategically to deplete an enemy’s life gauge. Although the game focuses more on combat than storyline, its magic attacks and artistic backgrounds depict a fascinating fictional world.

Guilty Equipment allows players to wield powers that remain impossible to observe or obtain in reality. The series’ animated visuals depict an action-adventure that would be impossible to survive outside of the world of anime games.

seven One Piece: World Seeker turns the anime into an open-world game

One Piece: World Seeker combines an open-world environment with action-adventure elements to allow players to explore the world of A piece. Players take control of Monkey D. Luffy as he interacts with others A piece characters and periodically fight enemies. Luffy’s Devil Fruit abilities provide players with the ability to navigate the environment with ease and creativity.

Although the game limits the range of activities players can do, One Piece: World Seeker features a lush island and the adventures of the Stray Hat Crew which is the charm of the series.

6 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes Of Heaven Combines Scenarios Together

Jonathan and Speedwagon pose during Jojo Eyes Of Heaven

The fighting game Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Sky Eyes combines the characters and scenarios of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures different parts in one plot. Players combine each character’s Stand abilities to defeat opponents from across the franchise. Teamwork between specific characters triggers unique combo attacks and in-game dialogue.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven gives fans the new opportunity to watch character interactions that never get a chance to happen in canon. The ability to unleash devastating attacks in familiar environments puts the complex anime world into players’ hands.

5 Steins;Gate immerses players in science fiction

copy of steins gate game

The visual novel game Steins;Door guides players through the dialogue between Steins;Gate’s main characters. Players follow the protagonist’s attempts to change the future and make calculated decisions that affect the outcome of the plot. Door SteinsThe emphasis on time travel allows players to visit different points in time to correct past events.

Steins;Doorit is the visuals and text-based gameplay immerse players in a sci-fi setting with technologies that only exist in the imagination. Conversations between the protagonist and characters in the game delve into the thought processes and morality behind the events of the anime.

4 Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing sends players on aerial adventures

Little Witch Academia: VR broom racing gameplay

Little Witch Academia VR Broom Race bring the world of Little Witch Academy to life by simulating broomstick flight. Each flight in the game sends players racing against other witches, dodging obstacles, and encountering supernatural creatures across vibrant landscapes. The accompanying magical sounds and visuals immerse fans in the adventures surrounding the Luna Nova Magical Academy.

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Race incorporates dialogue based on the anime’s storyline into the player’s interactions as a student of magic. The gameplay style guarantees a carefree racing experience through an imaginative world in the skies.

3 J-Stars Victory VS Connects Anime Universes

Video Game J-Star_ Anime Crossover Fighter

The fighting game Victory of the J-Stars VS features characters from several Jump series that fight for the chance to make their wishes come true in fighting tournaments. Players move between teams to battle dark forces, defeat competitors, and navigate 3D environments. Victory of the J-Stars VS explores the motivations of each character and connects the worlds of popular anime.

Each anime’s power system-specific fighting styles allow players to think up effective strategies to win battles. The variety of opponents players must face ensures that each fight produces unique combos and gameplay approaches.

2 Dragon Ball Fighter Z features high energy combat

The fighting game Dragon Ball Fight Z focuses on the battles between the main characters of the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Playable characters use individual combat styles and a handful of shared moves that expend a character’s energy as they see fit. Players have the chance to earn Dragon Balls through successful attacks and use their power to benefit their team.

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Each battle sequence allows players to unleash the devastating power that gives dragonball characters their reputation. The colorful visuals and non-stop explosive action capture the franchise’s high-energy approach to combat.

1 Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity is risk-free high-speed racing

Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity Arcade Game Trailer

The racing game Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity features the rival street racers from the anime Initial D. A series of races allows players to drift and speed through scenic roads in rural Japan against increasingly skilled opponents. Time trials and challenges outside of the main gameplay give players the opportunity to compete both locally and globally.

Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity features several car models that players can master and navigate through the anime’s mountainous terrain. Virtual gameplay allows racers to reach fast speeds without the real risk of injury or collision.

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