10 mistakes everyone makes in popular video games

In the world of gaming, practice makes perfect. Or, to use a less poetic idiom, “You’re going to die so many times before you win.” It can be frustrating to see the Game Over screen repeatedly, but losing is part of the process of any game. To learn how to succeed, you must first learn how to fail.

No matter how great you are at a platformer, beat-em-up, or first-person shooter, you made the same mistakes everyone else did when you started. Little did you know that winning Fallout 3 would prevent you from returning to the Wasteland. You let their guard down against Sans in Undertale, allowing that jolly skeleton to obliterate you with his first attack. And, until this second, you didn’t even know that Elden Ring had a tutorial mode, did you?

When we finally figured out how to solve these puzzles and master these levels, we swore to ourselves that we would never go wrong like that again. But there are games where, for whatever reason, we can’t help but make the same mistakes over and over again.

Games these days are so packed with content that there’s plenty to keep you entertained after the credits roll. In fact, many players like to re-explore the world after defeating the final boss, as they can search for hidden objects and side quests without being distracted by the main campaign. And since Fallout 3 is packed with a vast open world, extra missions, and intriguing bonuses, there’s plenty to come back to once you’ve finished the story.

At least in theory. In the climax, your character has the choice to activate a water purifier, which will save millions of lives. But since the purifier is inside an irradiated chamber, you will die performing this task. Since you’re kicking the bucket in this ending, it’s impossible to go back to the Wasteland unless you restart the whole thing or load a previous save (if you have one).

So if there was a place or person you wanted to visit after winning the game, you were out of luck.

This was before games warned you were about to reach the point of no return, and the outcry over this issue was so infamous that it forced the company to fix it with DLC. Broken Steel. However this installation infuriated some fans since they had to pay to continue exploring the Wasteland to avoid starting from scratch.

John C. Dent