10 best elephants in video games

Animals have appeared in video games since the industry began to gain popularity decades ago, as companions, mounts, enemies, and more. Cats, dogs, birds, fish, and prehistoric animals like dinosaurs are typically the most frequently seen animals in video games, but many other animals appear more often than gamers realize.

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Elephants are one such animal, appearing in a variety of different roles similar to their domesticated counterparts. These large, intelligent, and empathetic creatures may not be as prolific or appear as frequently as other mammals, but their importance should not be underestimated.

Fidgephant – Yo-kai Watch

Fidgephant as seen in yokai watch anime and wibble wobble game

Have you ever had an urgent need to go to the bathroom at the worst possible time? Well, according to Yo-Kai Watch, maybe it was because of an elephant-like yokai named Fidgephant. This robed elephant is still holding its trunk, trying to hold back the blue liquid that escapes from it. Not the most glamorous of the herd, but still memorable – even if not for the best reasons.

Fidegphant also has a counterpart named Touphant, and when fused together they can evolve further into the Enduriphant Plus Mammoth, both of which have the most useful ability to increase an individual’s stamina.

Pak E. Derm – Yoshi’s Story

Official rendition of Pak E Derm and gameplay of Yoshi's Story

Looking a bit like one of those dancing CG computer characters from the late ’90s and early’ 90s, this elephant wearing stop signs and wearing underpants from Yoshi’s Story keeps Yoshi from moving forward, but maybe easily defeated by a nearby ground pound.

Pak E. Derm has never appeared in another Yoshi or Mario game, being relegated to mere appearances in Super Smash Bros. as a trophy or in the background of certain stages. Pak E. Derm may have mastered his sign skills for years, but it still looks like he’s not very good at it.

Tembo -Tembo the badass elephant

Tembo the Badass Elephant art and gameplay

The name of this game alone should be the reason why this choice is not to be called into question. Once described as “Rambo in Elephant Form” by the director James Turner (yes, Game Freak) who developed the game, this mighty pachyderm makes his way through Shell City while preventing the invasion of it. evil ghost army.

To date, Tembo is also the only elephant to play in its own 2D side-scrolling platformer, somewhat reminiscent of the days when any old animal, object, or character could star in a video game. Tembo might not be that old or remembered, but he likely won’t be forgotten by those who know him.

Yono -Yono and the celestial elephants

Art and gameplay of Yono and the Celestial Elephants

Another game named for its titular main character, Yono is more lovable than its action-oriented cousin. As you can deduce from the title of the game, elephants are celestial beings, which is similar to how they have been depicted in various mythologies.

As an elephant, Yono has a duty to protect the world, although due to his young age he must learn more about it before that duty can be fulfilled. As he explores, Yono can use his trunk to blow air, water, and even fire, as well as shoot peanuts to take down enemies and solve puzzles. He might be small, but that doesn’t make him any less important.

Zolephant – Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Variations of Zolepahnt Dream Eater, Nightmare and Beatalike

Not the only elephant to appear in Kingdom Hearts, the Zolephant from Dream Drop Distance may not be a Disney character, but has appeared more frequently and in different forms. First appearing in The City of Bells, we see Quasimodo celebrating Feast of Fools while riding a Nightmare Zolephant, a great introduction to a new foe.

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There is also another variation of the Zolephant called Beatalike, which mimics the Reaper form of Beat from The World Ends With You, and might be mistaken by some for a product mascot from the 90s. Zolephant’s name is even a coat rack of the words. Japanese and English for elephant, and there is no more elephant than that.

Cutie the Elephant – It takes two

cutie introducing the elephant and death

This unhappy soul is memorable because of the heartbreaking scene it is in. Unlike the others on this list, the adorable plush elephant would rather play and eat cookies than fight, which makes the initial scene in which she appears all the more tragic.

Thankfully, by the end of It Takes Two, Cutie appears to be fixed, but it’s unclear if her supposed ending changed her once-friendly disposition. We may never know, but just hope she’s happy to be fixed and not looking for revenge.

Gammoth – Monster Hunter

Gammoth as seen in Monster Hunter Generations & Monster Hunter Stories 2

Although more closely related to the prehistoric mammoth, the Gammoth is the most elephant-like monster that can be found in the Monster Hunter series. This fanged beast, as its classification calls it, is able to breathe snow from its trunk to freeze its opponents and can also use this method to create temporary snow armor around its legs.

The Elderfrost variant is even more powerful, being able to surround its legs as well as its trunk with real ice. Gammoths may not be meat eaters, but they are still known to be particularly territorial, so inexperienced hunters are best to stay away.

Airavata – Shin Megami Tensei: strange journey

Airavata as it appears in SMT: Strange Journey & DemiKids

This four-tusked flying elephant based on the mythological figure of the same name is a steed of the Hindu weather god Indra and is said to be the one that causes precipitation after a drought.

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Airavata is possibly the largest elephant in video game history to date, measuring around 21,778 feet, roughly the size of Mount Kailash. He is also the first to be named king of the elephants. He might not be the most recognizable elephant in video games, but his description alone should help make him one of the most memorable.

Phan Phan – Kirby

phanphan as it appears in Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland official art and game

Originally replacing the enemy Rolling Turtle from Kirby’s Adventure, this elephant may only have two legs, but uses its trunk to pick up and throw away anything near it. Additionally, Phan Phan can also turn his body into a ball and bounce around a room to cause destruction.

In most games, once defeated, Kirby can copy Phan Phan’s throwing ability. In the Kirby Right Back At Ya! animated series, Phan Phan is an adorable ally of Kirby rather than an enemy, being a friendlier and more frightened elephant than his gaming counterpart. A character too cute to be an enemy, Phan Phan has clearly made his way into his heart. fans.

Donphan РGold and Silver Pok̩mon

Donphan as he appears in the anime and the pokemon house

First appearing in Mewtwo Strikes Back, with fans having no idea what it was, this tire-shaped elephant pokemon is a type of soil that was officially introduced in the Pokemon Gold and Silver versions, respectively. Known as the pokemon Armor, Donphan is strong enough at clearing rocks and mudslides, hauling dump trucks, and destroying homes.

Ash even got it a year later during the anime’s Battle Frontier saga, where he evolved from the Phanpy he hatched earlier. He might not be as cute as Phanpy, but he makes up for that with his raw power, which makes him a great choice for any coaching team, at least when he can transfer.

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